When Will Ashley Tisdale's Line Be Available?

This girl’s probably been on your radar since you found out she was taking over as the Creative Director of a clothing line, and now, we can finally answer the question we’ve all been asking ourselves (sort of). When will Ashley Tisdale’s Signorelli clothing line be available to shop? Well, the Spring/Summer 16 collection is now available for pre-order, so that’s a start right?

The full look book is on the website, and a few designs were picked for pre-order worthy status. If you go ahead and shop the designs that are for sale, it’ll be shipped by Jan. 18, so you could be the proud owner of an amazing graphic tee in no time. The line seems to be mostly comprised of t-shirts, and there’s a theme going on. They all revolve around some of the things we hope for most: coffee, day drinking, shopping, love and adventure. Now, if that doesn’t describe everything you could ever hope for out of fashion (and life) then, I don’t know what does.

I can definitely get behind Tisdale’s fun, laid-back aesthetic, and if you can, too, then what are waiting for? Go on and shop from the pre-order section, like, now. Get your hands on some of the coolest tees around— you know you want to.

Let's get to shopping, already, shall we?

1. There's Always Time For Brunch

Let's Brunch T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

Because it really is the most important meal of the day.

2. Hello, My Love

Bonjour Mon Amour T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

Wear this all of the time because you never know who you could meet.

3. Wander

Wander, Wander, Wander T-Shirt, $38, Signorelli

Explore forever.

4. Coffee Is A Must

Need Coffee T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

More coffee, please.

5. Shoe Addiction

Shoe Addict T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

Will work for shoes.

6. Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

I just want to travel. I don't even care where we go.

7. Retail Therapy

Retail Therapist T-Shirt, $39, Signorelli

Shopping cures all.

Shop these pieces to hold you over until the entire collection is released. Because if you're anything like me, the prospect of more is always appreciated.

Images: Courtesy Signorelli (7); Giphy (1)