So, Ashley Tisdale Is Dabbling In Design?

by Augusta Statz

This woman is just full of surprises. First, she goes and becomes a fashion blogger, chops her hair into a lob and now reveals this? Ashley Tisdale is Signorelli's creative directory, and I honestly had no idea. Apparently, she took on the role with Signorelli, a brand known for graphic tees, a couple of weeks ago, but where was I? Because I totally missed that one. This may not be news to everyone, but it certainly was to me. Hey, but don’t judge me. I’m a busy gal — sweat pants and Netflix can be very time consuming, you know.

Tisdale took to Instagram to promote the upcoming SS16 collection, and I must say, now that I know Tisdale is working with a clothing brand, I’m super excited to check it out. Although the SS16 gear isn’t available to shop just yet, you can still snag some super cute tees from the line. All of the graphic tees have cute sayings on them, most of them super motivational, because that’s the kind of thing you wear when you’re a jack of all trades like Tisdale.

Check out some of the pieces you can shop now, and get ready to see more from this fashionista, because this girl’s got a lot to offer. Even more than I knew. But, I’m totally prepared for it now, so, bring it on, Tisdale!

SS16 just got better!

1. Be You Tee

Be You, $39, Signorelli

It's just so cute.

2. Luxury Item

Gold Luxury Item, $45, Signorelli

This is sure to make my Netflix watching all the more stylish.

3. Stay In Bed

Namast'ay In Bed Tank, $38, Signorelli

My life motto.

4. All Or Nothing

Or Nothing, $39, Signorelli

It's all or nothing, baby!

5. Write The Rules

Write The Rules, $39, Signorelli

I mean, why not? Tisdale seems to be pretty good at it. That's all the motivation I need.

6. So Polite

Thank You, $39, Signorelli

Being nice can get you far.

7. Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back, $38, Signorelli

Just keep moving forward.

Aaand, I'll take one of everything, now, thanks! If you feel the same way, shop these items and more at Signorelli.

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Images: Signorelli (7)