The 'Pretty Little Liars' Fashion Has Changed

If you've been glued to the TV ever since The Five Years Forward mid-season premiere debuted, you've probably noticed that the Liars aren't in their usual garb. According to Fashionista, Pretty Little Liars has a new costume designer, Cameron Dale, who took Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Alison's wardrobes from high school to adulthood after the mid-season split. At such an integral moment in the series, Dale has translated the Liars' personalities into realistic (yet Hollywood-appropriate) ensembles that have surely left fans and fashionistas alike quite pleased with the character's new looks.

Even if you don't watch the show, you're likely to have heard of the dramatic story line (remember the "who in the world is A?" days) which has developed a cult following over the course of six seasons. But now that the five girls are officially out of high school, Dale made it a point to leave the statement accessories and bright, loud pieces in the past. The Five Years Forward premiere not only marked a new stage in the story, but also a much needed wardrobe update.

But don't worry — the more mature looks you've seen recently on the show still have that unique, PLL touch to them. While viewers may have noticed the lack of fringed blouses and graphic T-shirts, Dale promised Fashionista that there will be no shortage of "fantasy." And by the looks of the ensembles in the current season, Dale's direction has had the characters in tailored pieces and feminine silhouettes, all with trendy touches.

Showing off trendy denim pieces for Emily, professional work wear for Spencer, and girly-girl ensembles for Allison, it's clear that Dale's direction will maintain the super lust-worthy outfits that cast has always worn, which I'm sure longtime fans will appreciate. Although, by the looks of it, their clothes are catered to their personalities and new positions in life.

If you're not caught-up on PLL, it might be a good idea to go watch the new season before you keep scrolling. Without giving too much away, let's look at how the Liars' style has changed since the mid-season premiere, which debuted in January.

Aria Montgomery

Lucy Hale's character Aria was always the trendy one of the group (the photo above from season 2 says it all). While I'm sure we all had a graphic-tee-shirt-with-crazy-loud-accessories moment, that moment has passed for bigger and better things.

Dale has dressed the character in vintage pieces paired with fast-fashion brands like Topshop and Nasty Gal.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer, played by Troian Bellisario, always had very ladylike and feminine style. No surprise that will continue, albeit with a more professional stance, for the rest of season 6.

Dale described her approach to Spencer's style as very House Of Cards in her chat with Fashionista, but I would even venture to say her look is very Scandal. Blazer, kitten heels, and structured handbags are a must given her career choice. Nonetheless, you can count on Spencer to continue being the prim and proper one of the group.

Allison Dilaurentis

We know that Allison, played by Sasha Pieterse, is a teacher at Rosewood High School now, so this usually ultra feminine character (that pink blazer from season five is so girly and adorable) is rocking a professional look, but with colorful, stylish elements.

With chic dresses in exciting tones and prints, there's no doubt Allison is the best dressed teacher you've never had.

Emily Fields

Shay Mitchell's character Emily has always dressed really cute, but now that she's escaped Rosewood drama for good, that had to play out in her style. "I just have incorporated a bit more of a California beach-y vibe to it," Dale told Fashionista regarding Emily's style.

While she previously rocked graphic tees and casual looks, she's got a much more tailored, chic approach to her ensembles. Still sticking to basics like V-necks and cut-off denim shorts, she's pairing them with tailored jackets and cool accessories.

Hanna Marin

Dubbed the fashionista of the group by Dale herself, Hanna's new status in the fashion industry as a graduate from FIT and a Zac Posen intern makes her a perfect candidate for designer labels and department store sales rack scores.

Last season Hanna rocked denim jackets and lot's of accessories, but her new wardrobe contains statement pieces, updated silhouettes, and bright prints and colors. You can count on Hanna to be wearing recognizable designer labels like Louboutin heels and Gucci coats, according to Dale.

Clearly, the wardrobe update for the Liars follows through with the growth of the characters, and makes for one seriously lust-worthy TV wardrobe. Catch Pretty Little Liars on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) on Tuesdays at 8/7 c.

Images: Freeform (11)