'Pretty Little Liars' Style MVP: Who Was Best Dressed in 'Whirly Girl?'

The little liars didn't exactly have a great return to Rosewood — finding a friend's mother buried in a (very) shallow grave in the backyard takes quite the toll, you know. But how did they fare fashion-wise? Let's take a look:

  • Hanna wore literal crazypants (graphic printed tuxedo-capris, paired with putty colored booties, no less).
  • Ali wore the cutest knitwear the show's seen in a while (Mean Girls-worthy pink cashmere), but her pants were among the most horrible I've seen, ever in life: Acid-washed, double-cuffed, low-rise boyfriend capris covered in unnecessary patches.
  • Spencer wore a drab olive green tunic over riding boots and skinny jeans. Cute, but come on, Spence — you may have been busy reuniting with Toby, but I know you're capable of better.
  • Aria had rather more important things on her mind (like murder, for instance) than fashion, and wasn't quite up to her normal standards.

Long story short? It looks like Emily is this week's style MVP. She kept it simple-yet-high-impact with an ultra-chic letterman-style jacket, a football jersey-inspired oversized T, navy blue skinny jeans, and platform Nikes. Now, I'm not always a fan of platform sneakers, but this particular pair was quite cute — and I loved the combination of her black and white top with her black and white shoes. In fact, her whole look had a monochromatic vibe, giving it a sense of athletic put-togetherness... who knew sportswear-inspired wares could look so classically chic?

Emily was the best dressed, but here's the real question: whose pants were worse, Ali's or Hanna's?

Images: ABCFamily; Tumblr