This New Camera Is Literally Paper-Thin

"Oh your camera is only an inch thin and weighs as much as a quarter? Well, my camera is thin as paper and light as a air," sounds like something that SNL favorite one-upper Penelope might say. But, it's actually something you can say, too. Because for only $28, you can get your hands on the new retro-themed paper digital camera and have the lightest camera of them all. This device is half cutesy novelty stocking stuffer, half innovative and useful addition to the photo game.

Measuring in at only 6mm, this teeny tiny device comes with a surprising amount of functionality. It features both photo, video, and audio recording along with a port for a 16GB microSD card, and a USB/charging outlet. As you might have guessed, the photo and video quality is not top notch (only 1.3 megapixels), but that was to be expected. So as for what you might rely on this camera for if not high quality image capture? Well, for one, it's adorable and a great conversation starter. And, while it might not be the camera to use to apply for a job as a photographer at National Geographic, it is a literally weightless accessory that will be no burden to take with you. It also comes with a nifty strap so you can wear it around your neck.

It's definitely the kind of device that you can slip into a pocket of your purse and forget about. Maybe the next time you're out, your phone is dead and you're dying to snap a picture, you'll remember that you have a back up in your purse and be super grateful for its long battery life and unobtrusive size and weight. And while the photo resolution might be less than impressive, past trends suggest that it's only a matter of time before we love the grainy low-quality image and regard it as a retro filter. Amirite? Not to mention, there's totally something very "secret agent" about the whole thing. Like, didn't Inspector Gadget have something like this? Someone from Ocean's Eleven? I'm sure they did.

If you couldn't tell by the fun and retro graphic design, the device comes from Japan and calls itself the Paper like a digital camera . If you can read Japanese, you can learn more about it on the company's website, but for right now, it appears the camera is sold out. So you'll just have to wait until they're back on the market to start wowing your friends with the paper-thin camera ... which are not just paper-thin, they're actually made out of paper.

Images: Giphy, Donya