Atheists in America, Rejoice: Here Are The Least Religious Cities

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Think America is a religious country? You'd be half right. The American Bible Society has released its list of the most and least-Bible-minded metropolitan areas and cities in the country, and the results probably won't astound you: Chattanooga, Tennessee claims the most Bible-friendly city in the country (last year it was Knoxville). A separate Gallup study last year ranked Mississippi as the most religious state, with 58 percent of respondents identifying as "very religious," and Tennessee 7th, with half the state identifying as devout. The most religious states are still in the American South, with both Carolinas, Alabama, and Georgia having the highest rates of worship. Understandably, Utah's Provo-Orem is the most religious metropolitan area in the country.

But numbers for church attendance are starting to decline in the United States, with 29 percent of people saying they seldom or never go to church in 2013 — up from 25 percent in 2003. And while there are no admitted atheist lawmakers in Congress or the Senate, some politicians, like Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, are moving away from attaching themselves to a specific religious label.

Some cities have long been holding it down as meccas for the a-religious. Click on to find out where the least religious cities in America live in sin.

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