The Best Netflix Genres You Didn't Know You Needed

I'm a big Netflix fan. Huge. So rabid that, up until last week, I had become bored with all of the "regular" Netflix genres. Girls Night In? Snooze. Independent Hidden Gems? Not hidden enough, apparently. I was at the end of my rope. I wanted some movie-viewing challenge in my life. And then that mind-blowing Netflix hack appeared (you know, the one that revealed the codes for thousands of under-the-radar genres?), and once again it felt my existence had purpose. But with so many options, how are you supposed to figure out which ones are worth your time? Here are the seven best micro-genres revealed by the Netflix hack, according exclusively to me and my tastes. So if you feel the urge to say "But what about...?!" do no fret. My best genres are not necessarily your best genres. And vice versa.

Seeking out the thousands of micro-genres is pretty easy, but it makes you feel like a really cool hacker dude. Which is great because I aspire to be a really cool hacker dude but can barely operate my iPhone. All the info you need is in the code at the end of this web address: That li'l "3225" will take you to "Visually-Striking Movies." But we are way past that basic genre. Give me some crazy-convoluted film description that yields all of two titles. I am here for this.

Now, in case you're not feeling my micro-genres, or you just feel like scrolling through 70,000+ Netflix codes, this website has compiled every single genre. Every one. Oh, did you have something to do tonight? Cool. Now you don't.

1. Visually-Striking Imaginative Movies

I should note that this list encapsulates the "Visually-Striking Imaginative Children & Family Movies" genre, so there's an awesome mix of weird kid stuff and weird adult stuff. Everything is trippy and I love it.

2. Scandinavian Crime Dramas

Yeah, I'm into movies featuring leather-clad people tromping across bleak landscapes. What? What's the problem?

3. Romantic British Independent Dramas

The amount of flack I receive from friends and family for my love of independent British dramas (extra credit if it's a period piece) is almost too much to bear. Almost. Can't wait to watch my way through this bad boy.

4. Quirky Independent Showbiz Comedies

So, like, the current selection for this genre is fine, but I have high hopes for it's future. Quirky? Hate myself, but yes. Independent? Sounds cool. Showbiz? Bring on the razzle dazzle. Comedy? Always.

5. Irreverent Comedies from the 1980s

Yes. Yes. Yep. Yes. The best in sleepover flicks.

6. Gritty Dramas Based on Books

Only because "Gritty Dramas Starring Pam Grier" currently isn't streaming any titles. But this will do, you know, for days when you're like "the world sucks and I want to watch a movie that reflects that."

7. French-Language Coming-of-Age Movies

So turns out the French have "Coming-of-Age" on lock. These all either look good, or I've seen them and I know they're good.

Images: Giphy; Netflix (7)