The Best 2016 State Of The Union Jokes

President Obama's final State of the Union address was not only visionary, it was also hilarious. Jokes from Obama's State of the Union quickly flooded Twitter during the speech as millions of Americans watched the Commander-in-Chief give his final address to the joint Congress.

Luckily, the first meme came out before the speech even began. CNN published this hilarious video recreating the State of the Union as a Wes Anderson film, and as well as actually providing some important context on the background of the State of the Union, it set a respectful but optimistic and lighthearted tone for the unique and historic night.

Of course, the purpose of the speech wasn't particularly intended to be funny, although Obama has found a way to accomplish that in the past. During his pre-speech hype campaign, Obama teased an original, fresh take on the SOTU, promising a "non-traditional" speech that focused on progress for the nation. But once President Obama got into full speech mode, social media fired up with wit and insight about everything from Paul Ryan's clapping to Obama's clap-backs. Obama's previous SOTU speeches made for some amazing shareable moments, and his final address from the Congress floor was no exception. Check out these hilarious jokes and memes from President Obama's last State of the Union speech.

The Twitter interaction to the speech is still going strong, so hop onto the #SOTU tag to look at the widely varied reactions from people all around the world.