Check Out These 'Modern Family' Photobombs

The Modern Family cast seem to be just as fun to hang out with as you would expect. The most recent evidence comes in the form a joke played on a sleeping Sofia Vergara. Several Modern Family cast memebers photobombed Sofia Vergara when she took a nap on set and Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted the pictures to Instagram. Vergara fell asleep in a chair when the show was filming at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Jan. 20. In the first photo, Vergara has a napkin covering her face and either she always takes naps with a napkin on her face, or someone placed it there hopefully noticing the play on words.

In the photos that follow, Ferguson, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Julie Bowen all strike their own pose with Vergara. Bowen's is definitely the most entertaining because instead of just standing there smiling like everyone else, she covers her own face with a napkin as well. The best part about this is that it wasn't just one person taking a funny picture, all four actors posed with Vergara and she never woke up.

Of course, the napkin situation does raise the question, is this even Sofia Vergara? What if it's an impostor or a wax figure? Well, it really is her. Vergara uploaded the photos to her Who Say account with the caption, "Never take a little nap around this people again!!! [sic]" Can't you just hear her saying that?

Check out all the pics of Sofia Vergara's nap turned photobomb event below.

And the pièce de résistance:

Images: Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Instagram