Bethenny Gave Erika A Lesson In Brands On 'RHOBH'

It's not every day that a Housewife from New York finds herself at a dinner with Housewives from Beverly Hills. The Bravo Gods aligned the stars on Tuesday evening and brought together Bethenny Frankel and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills women in the Hamptons, and it was everything you'd expect from that type of dinner party. It was fun. It was aggressive. Lisa Rinna had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom. (OK, maybe not everything you'd expect.) But, by far the most exciting thing that happened at the dinner party was that Erika Jayne got a brand-consultation from Bethenny, even if it wasn't very welcomed.

Before we get to Bethenny ripping her pants — it was a wild night, OK? — she and Kyle were able to catch up with each other before the other women joined the party. As it turns out, the two have known each other for over 25 years. They met when Bethenny was working at a restaurant and came up to Kyle and said, "I'm dating your ex-boyfriend," according to Kyle. Sounds about right. The two seem to have hit it off and have been good friends since then.

So, if anyone knows how Bethenny can come off sometimes, it's Kyle. Before Erika and the other women showed up to Bethenny's home in the Hamptons, Kyle gave her the rundown on each of the women — specifically Erika. There's this weird fascination with Erika this season. The other women treat her as an enigma, like there are no other women in the world who can exude sex appeal and be a wife and mother. Anyway, I digress.

While looking at Erika's Instagram feed, Bethenny notes that she's "into" Erika's vibe. Having been a fan of Bethenny for a while, this is basically a sign of approval. Congratulations, Erika. You've made it. Unfortunately, I don't know if Erika could really tell that she's "made it" due to the way Bethenny acted towards her at the party.

Bethenny wasn't mean, per say, but she wasn't exactly complimentary. She'd say something like, "I love what I saw on Instagram," then tell her brand needs work. Basically, it's everything Bethenny RHONY Season 1 would have hated to hear, so you'd think she'd know when to take a step back. Bethenny is clearly a successful business woman. She knows how to make an idea an empire, with that said, she's not the only person who knows how to do that, which I think is how Erika felt about a career she's been working on for six or seven years.

Luckily, Erika handled Bethenny with great class and just a little sass. After Bethenny told Erika that her music video was cheap looking and she didn't like certain aspects of the song, Erika defended herself and didn't let the Skinny Girl entrepreneur walk all over her. I know Bethenny didn't mean to come off strong, that's just how she is, but even the other women were defending Erika's brand from the critiques of Bethenny. Look Bethenny, Erika won't tell you how to mix a cocktail, so you don't need to tell her how to make a sexy music video.

The dinner didn't end on a terrible note. Both women were able to make light of the situation — for now — when Erika showed Bethenny how to do some dance moves from her tour. It resulted in Bethenny ripping her pants, which basically put the biggest smile on Erika's face. Point one for her.