Scott & Stiles Made Up On 'Teen Wolf'

There may be a new superbeast on the loose in Beacon Hills, not to mention a whole new pack of Theo-controlled Chimeras, but, for now, all is right in the world because Teen Wolf's Scott and Stiles reconciled on Tuesday night's episode "Damnatio Memoriae." After Theo managed to break up Scott and Stiles in 5A, it seemed like the best friends might never be back together again. After all, Scott did betray Stiles after hearing that he killed Donovan, so it's not surprising that Stiles was hesitant to reach out to his former BFF. Thankfully, after a heart to heart with Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles decided to take the first step and reconnect. So, Scott and Stiles made up and decided to get their pack back together on Teen Wolf .

Just what, you ask, are two young men to do to re-establish their friendship? Hunt a beast, of course. (What, you think Stiles and Scott have time to watch Star Wars? There are supernatural creatures on the loose!) After seeing police footage of a giant beast chasing down Liam and Hayden outside the communication towers, Scott and Stiles decide to head to over and do some investigating. And, it's just like the old days (mortal peril included).

They find where the Beast came in through the basement. There's a message written on the concrete: "Damnatio Memoriae," which Stiles later identifies as an old Latin phrase. Before they can really study the message, Theo's pack of baby Chimeras attack. They're still learning, though, so Scott easily takes them down (though Stiles ends up temporarily paralyzed by Tracey). Theo calls off his pack long enough to tell Scott that there's a new threat in town, and, like it or not, they're on the same side. So, what is this mysterious Beast? It's not a new Chimera, like they first suspected, but an old creature — a creature resurrected.

So who is behind this Beast? Is it the Dread Doctors? And how do they fight it? One thing's for sure: they're going to need to get the pack back together. Scott and Stiles have to get Liam, Lydia and Kira back if they have any hope of surviving this new threat.

Images: MTV; Giphy