What Is Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kit Color?

First, she teased black and white swatches of possible new shades. Now, she has made a full on reveal. Kylie Jenner revealed a new Kylie Lip Kit color on Instagram and it's absolutely gorgeous and different than its three predecessors. The new shade doesn't have a name and that's where you guys come in! Jenner posted a photo of the bright (but not hot) pink shade on her Instagram, revealing that the color is one of three from her forthcoming Valentine's Day collection and she wants fans help in naming it.

Jenner asked her fans to leave name suggestions in the comments of the official post and she would proceed to pick a moniker for her latest Kylie Lip Kit from there. I would probably christen this deep pink hue "Heart K" or "Hot K."

So, yay for the fact that Jenner will issue three new colors in time for V Day! So let's all take a second to celebrate, rejoice, jump up and down, and do happy dances over the fact that new Lip Kits will be available for purchase very soon, since Valentine's Day is a month and a day away and you need time to get your pucker ready for the biggest smooching day of the year.

So pretty, right? It's a deep and dusty pink and isn't nearly as neutral as Dolce K, Candy K, or True Brown K. It leaves me wondering if the new trio of shades will be brighter and fall out of the neutral family. It's quite possible that they will be limited edition, too, since they are for Valentine's Day.

Let's also send up a prayer hoping that her team creates enough supply to meet demand, as the initial trifecta of nude, suede-like, and neutral Lip Kits sold out in nanoseconds.

ICYMI, Jenner teased the shades last week with a black and white filter, thereby obscuring the true hues. It was quite the chess move, further amping up anticipation for her kult fave kits. Now, we have an actual color to admire.

Here is the original trio! It's OG and "Season 1," as I like to call it. Jenner also revealed that her next set of colors will boast an exclusive new formula that she is stoked about. So "Season 2" is all about new shades and a new formulation. How much will the new Lip Kits differ? I don't know. I was shut out of purchasing the first round, due to the fact that they sold out in a frenzy.

This new pink is so sexy. I can't wait to see the other two shades in the Valentine's Day series.

Images: Kylie Jenner /Instagram (1); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (1)