Kylie Jenner's New Lip Kits Are Holiday-Themed

Makeupistas, we have some maaaj intel! Kylie Jenner is releasing a new Lip Kit collection and the colors are landing just in time for a specific holiday. The reality star shared a photo of a brand new, bright pink shade, asking her fans to help her name the hue. So consider this the first crowd-sourced Lip Kit color. In the caption of the Instagram post revealing the shade, Jenner also offered a monster hint about when her next collection of Lip Kits will be available. They are timed for a special holiday and you won't have to wait long to shop them.

Actually getting your lips, er, hands on one, given the quickness with which the initial launch and restock sold out, is a whole other story!

Jenner revealed that this nameless color is one of three for her Valentine's Day collection. That's exactly one month and one day away. While she didn't reveal the actual date the new shades will be shoppable, the fact that it's a Valentine's Day range means that it would need to be on sale and available well before the holiday.

I would think Feb. 1 would be a realistic date, since that the lipsticks would need to ship and arrive in advance so you can paint your pout on the biggest kissing day of the year!

She also has to get them into production with the name in place. So I am anticipating late January or the first of February as the shop dates.

Who wouldn't want to rock this suede-like, bold pink on Val Day? The new shade is super pretty and it's not a neutral, like her "Season 1" collection. One can't help but wonder if this shade will be accompanied by a velvety crimson color, since red is most associated with Valentine's Day.

Jenner also shared that she is making a change to the Lip Kit formula with the new set of shades. The original Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K formula appeared to be super suede-like. The new shade looks to have that same texture. Maybe it's creamier and more moisturizing? Maybe it will be longer-lasting and difficult to kiss off — literally?

It's probably a subtle tweak, since if it ain't broke...

Ack! I am clamoring for more intel and details.

Oh, Kylie Jenner. She is always leaving us with more questions than answers. That makes her a savvy marketer!

This is the original trio! Will it be restocked at the same time she issues the three new shades? Who knows. However, I do expect Jenner to reveal the other two shades in the Valentine's Day collection since she has been good about parsing out information so that anticipation continues to burn at a fever pitch. That's the whole reason that Kylie Lip Kits have attained a kult status, yo!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Lip Kit by Kylie/Instagram (2)