How To Style A Pixie Cut If You're A Newbie

If you're new to the world of pixie cuts, learning what the heck to do with short hair can seem pretty intimidating. I literally just cut off all my hair last Friday and, after some serious trial-and-error, am thrilled to teach you how to style a pixie cut for an easy, everyday look. Since every individual cut is different, consider the steps below as a guideline. The most important thing is to find your personal style with your cut to learn what works best for you!

I had hinted at my interest in getting a pixie last week when I scouted out all the hottest pixie cuts that will give you serious hair inspiration for 2016, and finally just decided to go for it. I have spent years trying to find the courage and would make appointments only to freak out right before and leave with a chin-length bob. However, now that I've gone through with it, I can confidently say cutting it off is totally liberating and 110 percent worth it!

However, styling this thing has definitely been a learning experience. I'm normally more of a "leave it natural" kind of lady, but pixies require a fair amount of maintenance, product, and effort. After I took my first post-salon shower, the styling struggle was real. Fortunately, I think I've gotten the hang of it now, and am excited to walk you through how I style mine!

1. Accept The Crazy

Yes, #IWokeUpLikeThis. The amount of wolverine-style volume scares me every morning, but I am learning not to panic.

2. Pull It Forward

Pulling forward will give the back pieces texture and help define the edges a little more.

3. Push It Back

Pushing back helps you find your part (assuming your cut has one), and also lets the sides fall with a little "kick."

4. Smooth It Out

Once you've found the part you're going for, start pushing at different edges to give lift.

5. Add Product

Depending on what you use, now is the time to reach for wax, powder, balm, or whatever you're preferred method of texturing is!

Eufora Powder Lift Weightless Volume and Texture 0.75 oz, $30,

My stylist gave me Eufora Powder Lift Boosting Powder and I really love how easy it is to shake in.

6. Go Be Fab

That's it! My hair now takes literally three minutes to style and I am out the door. #Pixie4Life

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Images: Author's Own