This CrossFitter's Dance To Beyonce Is Everything

by Lily Feinn

Feeling a bit sluggish about your New Year’s resolutions? This video of a CrossFitter dancing to “All The Single Ladies” will make you actually excited to lace up your sneakers. The video, posted to Instagram by Khan Porter, an Australian professional CrossFit athlete, not only shows off his flawless dance moves, but his all-too-perfect upper body strength as well. If only it was in super HD… sigh. Porter, who posted the video to Instagram and Facebook on Jan. 11, captioned the performance, “Because both @channingtatum and I know that real men dance to @beyonce.” But I believe Porter might have a slight edge on Channing Tatum (don’t hate) because he manages to dance to Beyonce whilst lifting a 264-pound weight.

If somehow you’ve managed to avoid the CrossFit craze, CrossFit is a workout program created in 2001 by a former gymnast that combines a variety of strenuous, timed exercises. Its popularity has been growing rapidly in the years since; there are now over 13,000 CrossFit affiliated gyms worldwide. The facilities usually look like an abandoned garage, until you notice that it's filled with young buff people, slathered in sweat and swathed in neon spandex. A curious peek inside will reveal giant tires being flipping, ropes being climbed, and overloaded barbells being thrust at the sky, only to moments later, come crashing back to Earth.

Khan Porter's bio proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is a trainer and ranked first in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific in competitive CrossFit. But he doesn't spend all his time at the gym — as he states on his website, “Khan enjoys surfing, reading, and is an unapologetic, regular solo moviegoer.”

I might not be the only one with a major crush, either; his video has been watched over 1.5 million times. Check out his sweet moves here:

Porter was inspired to repost the video after watching Channing Tatum's Beyoncé impression: "I posted my video because l think the way the public reacted reflects a pretty cool shift in preconceived notions of masculinity and think that's grounds for starting some more positive conversations about what it means to be 'a man,'" Porter posted to his Facebook page.

For reference, here is Tatum and his wife Jenna-Dewan Tatum's Lip Sync Battle performance:

Porter's moving Facebook post follow-up calls on the popularity of the video to bring attention to issues facing young males today, "There's [sic] still so many stigmatic ideas around masculinity and blokes face very real issues in terms of dealing with what society has deemed as appropriate behavior for their sex."

He calls out the high suicide rates of males ages 15 to 44 and stresses that if you are suffering, asking for help doesn't reflect poorly on your masculinity. Porter says he himself has personally experienced mental health issues, advising, "Just as it's OK for blokes to dance, it's OK for them to battle mentally and emotionally sometimes too." Porter has received an outpouring of positive support on Facebook and his other social media platforms for raising awareness to these struggles and the need for sensitivity.

Porter stresses not to brush off a friend's feelings, and to take the time to check in and listen: "If a bunch of people can watch a 25 second video, surely they can also spare the time to ask one of their mates if everything is OK."

See the full post here:

You go Khan Porter!

Images: Khan Porter/Facebook