6 'Full House' Plot Holes That Still Puzzle Fans To This Day

Like many of you, I watched Full House when I was young. It was practically a rite of passage for a 90’s kid. That said, it wasn’t until I got older and rewatched it as a 20-something-year-old that I truly came to understand the places where the show was lacking. Hey, nobody’s perfect — not even situational comedies. It’s just that I noticed that Full House had some major plot holes, and I think it warrants some questioning. At least a little bit. Even if it doesn't change my love for the show.

The plot holes aren’t gaping abysses that ruin the integrity of the beloved program — far from it. But there are certainly some things that did not make a whole lot of sense. I mean, think about it. You have a literal full house of equally important characters. Something was bound to be overlooked at one point or another. It’s no biggie, really. It’s just a lot of fun to go back and gawk a bit at a universe where these very confusing things were supposed to be accepted as commonplace.

Here are six major plot holes from Full House that still make me scratch my head even years later.

1. Uncle Jesse's Last Name Changed

Season 1:

Season 2:

Initially, Jesse's last name was Cochran. According to Everywhere You Look: The Unofficial Guide to Full House, the powers that be changed it to Katsopolis as a "nod to Stamos's Greek ethnicity."

2. Ditto For Steve On The Name Change

This change was less egregious. Steve's name was changed from Steve Peters in his debut to Steve Hale in his second appearance in another season.

3. When Michelle Got "Married" To Steve, Stephanie Told D.J. She Thought She'd Be The First One To Get Married

Which means she obviously forgot about her own husband, Harry. Is she just pretending he never existed?

4. In The Home Video Of Pam, Everyone Is More Familiar With Each Other Than They Actually Were In The Pilot

In the first episode, Danny told the girls his "best friend Joey" was coming to live with them, as if they needed that clarification to know who Joey was. In addition to that, when Jesse and Joey see each other when moving in, Jesse is actually a bit hostile towards him. Not so in the home video.

5. Danny Went From Being Messy To Being A Neat Freak

So much so that Danny's mom had to have an intervention of sorts for them to clean the house. Can you imagine? Danny Tanner needed an intervention to clean. My mind is blown.

6. Uncle Jesse And Aunt Becky Lived In An Attic That Didn't Technically Exist

There are many issues I take with the logistics of this house, but I think that what Movie Pilot pointed out (via Reddit user Chrispar) is the most damning. You see, the Full House house is an attic-less, flat-roofed one. But Jesse and Becky live in an attic apartment with a slanted ceiling. So, barring a major renovation and reconstruction of the roof, this smells all kinds of fishy.

Let's be real, though: Plot holes or not, we're still going to watch the reruns until the end of time, because there's nothing that can stop our enjoyment of the magic that is Full House.

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