26 Rare Sightings Of The Olsens' Twins Teeth

Meet the Olsens: childhood idols, sartorial experts, and masters of the red carpet smolder. But pause — have you ever seen Mary-Kate and Ashley flash their pearly whites? The twins may have grown up milking it for the camera, but their adult years lack the golden ingredient that the media clamors from celebrities: a toothy smile. After all, this is Hollywood, land of the million dollar smirk.

From front row at the runways to awards shows, the Olsens always show up dressed to the nines. And even as an forever quotable tot on Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley knew how to win over the camera — and their audience. No matter the photo op, the business-savvy duo manages to look impossibly chic, all in part to their secret weapon. It's not in the angles or lighting, but rather, a certain fruit. Allegedly, every time the Olsens strike a pose, they whisper the word "prune," according to BuzzFeed. Supposedly, this word creates the ultimate relaxed pout. Looks like the Olsens' hack for acing your next selfie all lies in the lip game!

No wonder the public is never privy to seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley's teeth — that is, until now. Sometimes the twins let their colors fly free, and the results are glorious.

1. The Wackness Screening

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Getty Images

Note to Mary-Kate: don't be afraid to show off that smile.

2. InStyle Golden Globes Party

Donato Sardella/WireImage/Getty Images

I don't know about you, but it's refreshing to see Mary-Kate and Ashley trade their serious smirks for something light-hearted. I demand more moments like these.

3. Farce Of The Penguins Premiere

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seems like Danny Tanner — ahem, Bob Saget, has some LOL-worthy power. Look at those genuine grins!

4. The Fresh Air Funds Salute To American Heros

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is a classic case of one sister embracing Operation: Prune while the other quite didn't get the memo.

5. 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What better time to show a glimpse of those pearls than accepting an award for Womenswear Designer of the Year?

6. 2007/08 Chanel Cruise Show

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even front row at Chanel, Mary-Kate can't help but offer up a vibrant smile for her partner-in-crime.

7. Charlie's Angels Premiere

Robert Mora/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Petition to crown the Olsens as the two honorary members of Charlie's Angels.

8. Nickelodeon's 17th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

Photo: 123483972

Life before the "prune" method was so simple and carefree.

9. 32nd Annual AAFA American Image Awards

Photo: 101001548

Stylish threads are best paired with a sunny smile.

10. On MTV's TLR

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gosh, TLR and fetus MK + A is such a throwback.

11. New York Minute Premiere

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every girl must remember the first time they watched New York Minute and positively fell in love with the Big Apple — it's a rite of passage after all. For me, it was at a third grade sleepover, and not much has changed since.

12. 2001 Fox Family Summer Teen Choice Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The girls circa their So Little Time phase — clearly adorable as ever.

13. Game Boy Pocket Planner Launch

Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Raise your hand if you remember desperately begging your parents for the must-have Pocket Planner. My GameBoy was everything to me back then.

14. In Switching Goals

ABC Photo Archives/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

Alternate title: the very movie that inspired me to play soccer.

15. Rush Hour 2 Premiere

SGranitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Can we talk about those early 2000s getups, though?

16. NSYNC Record Release Party

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Back in black has never looked better.

17. The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast

J. Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

Looks like the Olsens' flair for business chic began all the way in 2002.

18. 1998 Photoshoot

ABC Photo Archives/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

Stop — my heart is melting.

19. On The Late Show with David Letterman

James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

MySpace profile picture-worthy.

20. Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks Game

James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

The twins aren't shy to show off their athletic spirit.

21. On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chris Polk/FilmMagic/Getty Images

It's all smiles (well, almost) as the Olsens get their much-deserved stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

22. 2004 MTV Video Music Awards

KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Putting on their best stage act.

23. Anna and the King Premiere

Sam Levi/WireImage/Getty Images

1999-era Mary-Kate and Ashley is giving me intense nostalgia.

24. Children In Need Charity Event

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fact: only the Olsens can pose with a neon yellow bear and still look like rockstars.

25. ABC Photoshoot

ABC Photo Archives/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

There's truly nothing better than sisterly love.

26. ... And A True Throwback

Bob D'Amico/Disney ABC Television Group/Getty Images

Because no Olsen post is complete without a dose of Michelle Tanner — or more so, double the Michelle.

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