11 '90s Accessories You Totally Used To Love

There's no end of things from the '90s that we all miss. Snack foods, TV shows, gadgets, and music — it was a simpler time, when, like, the fact that your Tamagotchi lived was the highlight of your week. So you can imagine that the accessories we were obsessed with in the '90s were not exactly, how shall I say, timeless treasures. I mean, they totally were at the time, but now I look back at middle school pictures and it's like, for reals? Why does it look like there's a butterfly gathering on my head?

Some accessories from the decade have definitely made a comeback, but for slightly different reasons, like scrunchies. They aren't really cool from a fashion standpoint, but they're so much healthier for your hair. Other trends, though, have stayed in the past, and that is totally fine by me. Let's get nostalgic over them, have a few laughs and maybe even cries. I don't think anyone else would want to endure another decade of yin-yang everything, right?

In case you've forgotten (or are maybe just in denial), check out these 11 accessories that we were so obsessed with in the '90s. Warning: It will definitely spark some thoughts of "what was I thinking?!" but also some "I need to bring that back!"

1. Scrunchies

Goody; $6.52;

Bonus points if you wore them with a super high ponytail.

2. Chokers

Girl Props; $4.99;

And you probably bought it at Hot Topic because you were punk rock.

3. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips; $11.99;

They were Lizzie McGuire approved, though!

4. Spiral Hair Accessories

YANTU; $8.99;

Who else got these stuck in their hair every single time?

5. Mood Rings

TINSKY; $5.99;

You totally sat around staring at it, waiting for it to change color.

6. Body Glitter

Expressions Girl; $14.99;

Roll-on and scented.

7. BFF Necklaces

Hip Mall; $7.99;

Ironically, these also broke up a lot of friendships.

8. Toe Rings

Bling Jewelry; $12.99;

Your feet don't need jewelry. They just don't.

9. Power Bead Bracelets

Top Plaza; $15.98;

And you totally believed in their magical healing powers. It was your zen moment.

10. Mini Backpacks

Tassel Mini Backpack; $59;

Your parents hated them because they didn't hold any of your school supplies, but you were cool and that was all that mattered, so W/E.

11. Bucket Hats

Dorfman Pacific; $9.95;

And you probably had a denim variation of it.

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Images: Amazon; Urban Outfitters