6 Cool Ways To Style A Scrunchie IRL

Did you think the ‘90s sound just ranged from sugar-sweet pop choruses to angry, anti-establishment guitar riffs? Amongst the fashion crowd, the decade’s best hits are more clothes-minded — and learning how to style a scrunchie in 2015 may just be your best bet for emulating the decade properly.The modern sartorial serenade is a snap of a plastic choker, the click of an overall fastening, and now the twang of a scrunchie. And while the melody is familiar if you lived through the decade, everyone needs a lyrics refresher from time to time. In this case, that’s how to wear it. When it comes to styling a nostalgic piece like a scrunchie, keeping the accessory from looking dated can be difficult. But what happens when the scrunchie stories in your favorite magazines take the update too far with outlandish looks tough to pull off in everyday wear? Just look to the real-life trendsetters for a little inspiration!

There’s always a way to wear the ‘90s mainstay, after all, especially when it’s heading up the looks of fashion favorites like Rita Ora, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. Still suspicious of the scrunchie’s actual wear-ability? Check out these six real-life ways to style the hair accessory, and you’ll be singing a different tune in no time.

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Starting just behind the ear, pull up the top half of your hair and fasten into a large-size scrunchie. Secure the hair at the top of your crown, and tighten. The more voluminous your half-pony, the messier and more low-key the rest of it can be! This look works great for medium-length hair.

2. Classic High Pony

If a super-high pony has a tendency to loosen up on you as the day goes by, secure it in place with a tight elastic first, and then add the scrunchie. Whether you wear your high pony messy or clean, the scrunchie will kick the entire ‘do up a notch. The looks wears well no matter what size scrunchie you’re rocking, and medium-length to long hair will easily adapt to this style.

3. Nape of Neck Pony

A clean ponytail is the sleekest way to wear this look. Using your fingers or a comb, brush hair back and fasten into a low ponytail. Because your hair will likely be thicker at this section of your head, choose your best large-size scrunchie to finish the look. Medium and longer-length hair will keep the style looking polished.

4. Braid

Thread a classic French braid into your hair, and secure in place with a scrunchie of your choosing. Any size or shape works, but balancing the braid’s length with a larger scrunchie makes for one on-point plait. As for hair length, if you can braid it, you can do it!

5. Top Bun

Join the ranks of the bunheads with this girly, ballerina-approved style. You’ll need longer hair to gather on top of your head, but the scrunchie will add a breath of fresh air to any version of the look —be your preference a messy bun or clean top knot.

6. Short Hair

Don’t think 2015's lobs have to be left out of this ‘90s look. Create a small, messy lower bun, and then secure in place with a smaller size scrunchie. Keep it fun with a punched-up pattern, and be sure to pick a scrunchie with a tight hold to keep shorter layers from escaping. Stephanie Tanner would be so proud.