12 Super Cute DIY Valentine's Day Cards

We've all been there: it's Feb. 13, and you're in the greeting card aisle, desperately searching through the cheesy red, pink, and gold embellished cards, hoping to find something that expresses the love you have for your Valentine. Instead of picking up something store-bought and cliche, give yourself time to make DIY Valentine's Day cards for your sweetheart. It's a personal way to express your unique love, and better than anything you'll find at the store.

From romantic dinners to roses at work, Valentine's Day is a holiday full of romantic cliches, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try and make this typically commercial holiday special for you and your love. Instead of making reservations at a crowded restaurant, you can cook your partner's favorite meal at home, and this year, make a personalized gift for your Valentine instead of buying them something in the seasonal aisle of the drugstore. If you really want to make Valentine's Day feel catered to your relationship, though, make your favorite person a DIY Valentine's Day card. The card is, after all, where you spill your heart out and immortalize your feelings in words, so you had better make one that won't get thrown out with the dead flowers in a week.

Pull out your scissors and glue, and get ready to labor in your love, because here are 12 DIY Valentine's Day cards to help you create a one-of-a-kind card for your one-of-a-kind love.

1. "I'm Nuts About You"

For the sweetheart in your life who enjoys a good pun, The Merrythought uses food to create a unique and witty Valentine that breaks the mold of a traditional Valentine's Day card.

2. Origami Love Note

Julie Blanner adds sophistication to the nostalgic practice of note passing with this DIY origami love note. You can use a famous quote about love, or your own sentiment — either way, your Valentine will love this sweet alternative to a card.

3. Embroidery Heart

If you won't have time to go to the craft store, but still want to make your own Valentine this year, then look no further than Etsy. The site has dozens of DIY cards and crafts, complete with supplies and directions. These adorable embroidery hearts from greenbugmarketplace would make great alternatives to the traditional card, and could even be stuffed with a secret love letter.

4. Edible Matchsticks

The difference between most greeting cards and Valentine's Day cards is that the latter rarely comes in the card-and-envelope form, but rather incorporates trinkets and treats. Hometalk does both with these edible matchstick Valentines that are sure to heat up your holiday.

5. Heart Map

For a lot of couples, the place where they met holds a lot of special meaning to them — which is why Alison Sherwood's DIY heart map card is the perfect way of personalizing your Valentine's Day card.

6. Celery Print

A great idea if you're making Valentine's Day cards for your friends, family, or coworkers, The Merrythought's DIY celery print cards are a fun and easy way to create several personalized cards in no time.

7. Pop-Up Card

The Next Big Adventure brings a whole new depth to Valentine's Day cards with this DIY pop-up card that is easier to make than it looks.

8. Customizable Nursery Rhyme

Ah, young love. Do you remember that magical feeling of your first innocent grade school crush? Recapture that innocent love with this printable, DIY-coloring nursery rhyme card from Delia Creates. Minimal effort is required to make it, but it still adds a sweet, personal touch to your Valentine's Day card.

9. DIY Pop Culture Valentine's Pouches

Does your Valentine love pop culture as much as you do? If you and your beau have a special connection over How I Met Your Mother or The Princess Bride, then these printable DIY Valentine's card pouches from Delia Creates are a great way to show how well you know and love them. Bonus: they can be filled with love notes and candy.

10. Apple Of My Eye

The best Valentines come with food, and this super easy, printable DIY Valentine from SugarPinkDesigns is not only punny, but edible to. Want to make your Valentine even happier? Sub out a regular apple with a homemade chocolate-dipped one instead.

11. Newspaper Print Heart

If your beau is a big reader, then they'll love Alison Sherwood's Valentine that incorporates newspaper print into the design. Choose a newspaper story about love, or even better, you can even print out a photocopy of your engagement announcement (if you have one), and use that as the backdrop.

12. Mini Bow & Arrow

Remember how fun it was to get little toys with your Valentine? The Merrythought brings that idea back with these DIY bow and arrow cards that will surely pierce the heart of your Valentine.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: The Merrythought (3); The Next Big Adventure; Alison Sherwood (2); Etsy (2); Hometalk; Delia Creates (2)