Meet Your Internet Boyfriend Oscar Isaac's Real GF

by Daniela Cabrera

The 2016 Golden Globes were full of tons of beautiful surprises like Lady Gaga's Best Actress win, Leonardo DiCaprio's accidental reaction to her win (and his suit, and his everything), and a moment that caused all die-hard Oscar Isaac fangirls to stop dead in their tracks. Isaac won the Best Actor Globe for his work in Show Me A Hero , and we were all ecstatic for him and all that, but the shock didn't stop there. The notoriously private actor stood up to receive his award and kissed a beautiful blonde woman sitting next him. Wait, what?! Us Weekly quickly confirmed that the lady was Elvira Lind and fans everywhere wondered: Who is Elvira Lind?

It turned out that this wasn't just some random kiss with a mysterious new woman; Lind is Isaac's girlfriend! How could this have slipped through the cracks? Actually, it seems like it was probably pretty easy, because the 36-year-old actor really intends on keeping his private life private. Even in a recent profile for GQ , he winced at the mention of a girlfriend (as the GQ writer notes, "...the mere use of the word girlfriend leads him to try to take it back the next day."), but things with Lind must be serious if he is ready to let her presence be known.

Let's find out more about Lind, your Internet boyfriend's real girlfriend.

She Is From Denmark

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On her official site, Lind writes that she is a Danish director from Copenhagen, who "is now based in New York."

She Went To Film School

Lind graduated from film school in Cape Town, South Africa in 2006, majoring in documentary film.

She & Oscar Have Worked Together

In the winter of 2013, Lind and Isaac created The Staircase Sessions , documenting musicians around the world playing their favorite songs, stripped down, in a staircase. Her second video was of Isaac himself singing a Bob Dylan cover. SWWWWOOON.

She Has Won Awards For Her Work

Lind won the Reel Talent Award for documentary film at the 2015 CPH:DOX Festival for showing "exceptional cinematic vision at an early stage."

She Has Acted Before

On her IMDb page, she has an acting credit for a film in 2012 called Park County Massacre. The most interesting thing here is that she was credited as "Maria Miranda," which is oddly the name of the woman that repeatedly popped up in Isaac's past relationship and engagement rumors. (It seems there's been A LOT of confusion about who Miranda is, so it seemed the most likely thing is she was credited incorrectly on IMDb.)

She Is A Doting Girlfriend

Her Twitter doesn't have that much information, but she did share an adorable photo of Isaac holding a light saber with The Room star Jacob Tremblay at the Golden Globes. It really seems like they are ready to share their relationship now.

With Isaac's shot to super stardom, his relationship with Lind will no doubt be in the public eye, so I wish these two the best — though it seems like they've done pretty well so far.