Olivia Is Quickly Becoming 'The Bachelor' Villain

Every year on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette there is someone who is not there for the right reasons. On Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor , the villain could be Olivia. Calling Olivia a villain doesn't mean she's actually a villain in real life — chances are she's not maniacally laughing in a cave somewhere, planning on taking over the world — but she could be the season's villain. So far it seems producers are giving her an edit that might make viewers not like her. It only being Episode 2 could still give Olivia time to turn things around and not be the villain, but from the look of the season's promo video, Chris Harrison's comment on The Bachelor's live after show, and Ben not defending her behavior in interviews... maybe not.

In Episode 2 of Will You Accept This Podcast?, Kelsea Stahler and Allison Piwowarski discuss Olivia's behavoir and whether or not she's the "bad guy" of the season, because as Joe said on Bachelor in Paradise, "villains gonna vill." We also talk about her chances of not becoming the antagonist and... LOL, OK, that's not going to happen. Could she be pulling straight from Courtney Robertson's playbook, or is she just confident and competitive? Listen to the newest installment of Will You Accept This Podcast? to hear our thoughts.

And, here's what Olivia can do to save herself from becoming this season's villain. Except it's pretty much too late because the season has already wrapped so...

Give The Other Women A Chance

You got a rose, great! Now, let the other women talk to Ben. I get that you want to form a relationship with him, but put yourself in the heels of poor Amber who basically hasn't even introduced herself yet.

Don't Say "Winning"

Just don't.

Don't Show Off Your Relationship With Ben

When on a group date, don't be flashy with your relationship in front of the other women. First of all, it's mean. Second of all, Ben seems uncomfortable with it.

Make A Friend

Let me guess, you didn't come here to make friends? Ugh, OLIVIA.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; BrunoSaysWhat (2), BachelorABC/Tumblr (2)