11 Beauty Lessons To Learn From Ciara

Ciara has ben killing it lately. She recently slayed at the National College Football Championship when she sung the national anthem in a floor-length, sparkling gown, but it's not just about her on-stage looks. Off stage, Ciara likes to show off her killer street style and makeup looks on Instagram, and if you're not following her already, you should, because there are plenty beauty lessons to learn from Ciara.

The 30-year-old mom is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress, dancer, and fashion model. She's a busy gal, to say the least, but she always makes time for style — and the evidence is all over her Instagram feed. Ciara's signature style is edgy, athletic, and ever-changing, whether she's having a date night with Russell Wilson or she's relaxing on the beach. One minute her hair is in a straight lob with bangs, the next it's in dreadlocks. She's always trying new things, but no matter what her look has a certain stamp of style that defines Ciara. We have a lot to learn here, ladies.

Below are some of my favorite lessons to be taken from Ciara's personal Instagram page. Sure, you'll see full glam and designer outfits, but you'll also see honest, natural images of what life's really about. She knows what she's doing, and I'm taking notes.

1. Smiling Is Your Best Asset

Ciara is always positive and smiling, and it's a beauty hack that never goes out of style.

2. Makeup-Free Selfies Are Beautiful

There's no reason not to love yourself in your most natural and beautiful state. You inspire me, Ciara!

3. Bangs Rock

Hesitant about rocking bangs? Look no further than Ciara's phenomenal example.

4. Winged Eyeliner Always Wins

Nicki Minaj and T. Swift, please step aside: This winged liner takes the cake. I love that she put her own spin on a timeless classic.

5. Switch It Up

Ciara loves experimenting with her hair, and it pays off every time. Don't be afraid to switch up your style.

6. Go Bold

Ciara loves bold lip, and she styles it perfectly by keeping the rest of her makeup neutral.

7. Natural Is Beautiful

Even though she's always changing, she isn't afraid to own her naturally curly hair.

8. A High Ponytail Is Powerful

If you want to stand out, pull your hair into a high pony. Instant woman power status.

9. Your Highlight Must Be On Fleek

She always makes sure to accentuate her killer cheekbones with intense highlighter, and it pays off.

10. Greige Is Gorgeous

Soft, cool-toned browns and grays look great as an understated eyeshadow look.

11. Little Details Matter

Manicures matter, from the color to the little details. Diamonds aren't required, but aren't a bad touch either!

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