Why You Need Anastasia's Glow Kits, Stat

by Jessica Willingham

Hold onto your highlighters, ladies, because the newest sensation is here. As if you didn't have enough of a selection to choose from already, the latest highlighter palettes released by Anastasia Beverly Hills are absolutely gorgeous. Here's how to know whether or not the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits are worth it — check out what YouTube's most popular makeup vloggers are saying.

In honor of founder Anastasia Soare's birthday, the company released two brand new Glow Kits on December 28. The kits are palettes and feature four shimmer highlight shades. The "Gleam" is rosy with softer highlights, while the other is bolder, featuring deep bronze shades. This versatility in products is why Anastasia Beverly Hills is beloved by bloggers, celebrities, makeup artists and hobbyists alike — every person, no matter what their skin tone, can use them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, $40, Sephora

"We put six contour colors in one kit, and I'm basically doing the same exact thing with our Glow Kits," said Claudia Soare, Anastasia's daughter and the president of the company, according to Allure. "I'm taking four of our highlighters that are the same size and putting them in one palette."

Now that the palette is out, you may be wondering which one is best for your skin tone and how to apply it, or if they're even worth it.

As always, my magic crystal ball (aka YouTube) holds all the answers. Here's exactly what everyone is thinking about the new Glow Kits

1. Kendall Alfred's Review

Can't decide which color in a palette to use? Mix a couple together for a unique look.

2. Beauty Addict Next Door's Review

The glow kits are finely milled, so you can have subtle shimmer or build up to a blinding highlight.

3. Tif's Review

The That Glow palette is generally universal, but a perfect bronzy highlight for those with deeper skin tones.

4. Nicole Guerrero Review

You can apply these shades anywhere and everywhere, including your eyes as a shadow or highlight (or both!).

5. Jaclyn Hill's Review

The Gleam glow kit is perfect for softer skin tones.

6. Rose Bellee's Review

The product packaging is cute as is, but it may change in the future, according to Rose Bellee, and I'm excited to see what ABH has in store!

7. Nikki French's Review

For $40, there is a ton of product in each palette. If you love one, it's all the highlight you need!

8. J Linhh's Review

Fair skin can use the The Glow palette to create a warm, summer bronze.

9. Donovan Gibb's Review

You can mix the That Glow sunburst shade with your setting powder for an illuminated overall look.

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Image: @anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram