8 Plus Size Gown Designers For Body Pos Brides

The wedding industry is notorious for a lot of things, and it gets a bad rep for a lot of them. Often times the extravagant costs cause criticism, but perhaps one of the most legitimate critiques is lack of body diversity in fashion and planning tools. Thankfully, these eight plus size wedding gown designers are helping to alleviate a bit of the frustration plus size brides feel. With sizes that can range from zero to 32, they're letting all brides know that no matter their body size or shape, there's a wedding dress perfect for them.

As a plus size (soon-to-be) bride looking through bridal magazines, bridal blogs, and planning tools, it's been more than slightly discouraging not seeing women who look like myself. While every body type deserves representation, the vast majority of representation in the wedding industry is of smaller bodies, and as a result, bridal fashion tends to cater to those straight bodies. For me, that's the most significant issue when it comes to plus size brides.

Not only does wedding fashion often seem to implicitly exclude larger bodies, it completely bypasses bodies outside the typical 14-24 range. In my research, finding gowns that go beyond a size 24 is not a simple task. While there have been strides made in many avenues of the fashion industry — like the rise of the extended size bikinis courtesy of incredible women like GabiFresh — the wedding industry seems to be lagging behind more so than most.

These designers and brands, however, have an incredible range of sizes in styles that are just simple the "flattering" a-line that plus-size ladies are often told to wear. Some have even begun to feature plus size women in their ads. So, if you're a plus size bride seeking a gown, don't fret —these brands are crazy size-inclusive.

Allure Bridals

Not only are Allure gowns completely gorgeous, but they offer a specifically plus size line as well as offering their straight size styles in plus sizing. To top that off, they extend to size 32! Basically, Allure is doing so much right.

Mori Lee

Mori Lee's Julietta line features a stunning array of wedding gowns that reach size 28. Like Allure, Mori Lee features all styles and silhouettes for your bridal desires.

Roz la Kelin

Roz le Kelin gowns are nothing short of breathtaking, and their plus size line is one of the most incredible on the market. Plus, these gorgeous gowns come in a size 44. Roz le Kelin for the win!

Watters WToo

While some of the Watters labels only go to size 15, the Watters WToo Curve line extends to size 32! Yes for size inclusive and plus inclusive sizing!

Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo doesn't use full-figured models on its site, which is kind of a bummer. However, that doesn't mean they aren't size-inclusive. These gorgeous gowns come in sizes 00-26.

Tara Keely

Tara Keely gowns are totally stunning, and despite not using plus size models, according to the site, their gowns go to a 26.

David's Bridal

David's Bridal may have gotten a bad rep a few years ago, but they've totally revamped their stores and brand. This stunning gown is a David's Bridal original, and it's super stunning. Their plus size line comes in a 26, and they've also featured a size 14 model in their ads.


Think a plus size gown has to cost extra? Think again with Igigi. These gowns are affordable, super size inclusion, and perfect for the more casual bride.

While this isn't an exhaustive list, it's definitely a starting point for brides seeking size inclusion fashions for their big day. Regardless of size, every bride deserves a gown she loves, and these designers are helping them find it.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands