David's Bridal's Spring Campaign Model Is Gorgeous

If I could, I would marry this bridal campaign. Instead of using the expected size zero model, David's Bridal featured a size 14 model in its spring advertisement campaign and it has a lot of people, especially brides, giving the wedding dress retailer a huge thumbs up.

According to Glamour, David's Bridal wanted a model to represent its true customer base. The average David's Bridal bride is a size 14, so they decided they wanted to find a size 14 model to use for their upcoming spring campaign. They found Mercy Watson, a beautiful model from Australia, to star in the advertisements. Watson's personal Instagram account is full of curvalicious bikini and lingerie shots, and funny "diet tips" like "your pants will never get too tight if you don't wear any." I'm already a fan.

It was a perfect match, and since David's Bridal is expanding the brand to the U.K., they flew Watson to London for the romantic shoot. The results were totally British and breathtaking, featuring the Embankment, Parliament, the Orangery, and a pub.

The dresses that Watson modeled will be available on Dec. 29, both in-store and online, with some of them available in sizes zero to 26.

Here are the absolutely breathtaking photos from the shoot.

I mean, could this be any more perfect?

I'm crying.

David's Bridal isn't the only company that has cast average to plus-size models in their fashion campaigns as of late. Here are a few memorable ad campaigns that are working to make the fashion and beauty industry a more inclusive one.

1. Christian Louboutin's First Plus Size Model

For its first ever plus-size model casting, the Christian Louboutin brand cast model Clementine Desseaux for a lipstick advertisement. Desseaux left Paris for New York when she couldn't find work, even in France, where laws were passed requiring models to be a certain BMI.

“Being curvy and freckly was never easy back when I was in France,” she said in an interview. “Now beauty is changing and brands are putting girls that are different in the spotlight. They are opening up to all the beauty that is in the world and not only the European, blond, skinny, white woman type.”

2. MAC's Plus Size Beauty

For its MACnificent Me video campaign, MAC Cosmetics enlisted Luzmaria Vargas, in which she absolutely slayed in a smoky, berry look. #Goals.

3. Aerie Real Campaign

Model Iskra Lawrence rocked the Aerie Real campaign, featuring American Eagle's lingerie and loungewear collection. While Lawrence is a plus size model, plenty of body types were represented, including Emma Roberts. "Partnering with Aerie was a natural fit for me because #AerieREAL is a message I personally identify with, particularly being in an industry that is quick to judge flaws,” Roberts said in a press release about the campaign. “I feel so honored to be part of a movement that reassures women that real doesn’t mean flawed — real is sexy, real is cool."

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Image: @davidsbridal/Instagram