Why Mario Dedivanovic's Snapchat Is A Must-Follow

There are a lot of criticisms that people launch at the Kardashians and Jenners. Whether its the root of their fame or their romantic relationships, the harsh words seem to never end. However, the power of their beauty game is nearly indisputable. Thankfully, Mario Dedivanovic's Snapchat and Instagram are giving his makeup secrets away to the masses, which means we're all getting a free lesson in Kardashian beauty from the man himself. These product sneak-peeks are total makeup moments, and I totally feel the need to bust out my credit card for them.

Over the last year, Dedivanovic has spilled some of his gorgeous Kim Kardashian West makeup secrets. In fact, if you follow the two of them at all, you probably heard about the masterclass the pair hosted last year. The class revealed Dedivanovic and Kardashian West's favorite products and how to use them. While the class had limited seating, news of the tools and methods obviously made their way to the Internet, and needless to say, everyone wanted to snag them. From classic, nearly universally flattering bronzers to moisturizers to tools, the class gave a peek into what it takes to get that Kardashian face.

Dedivanovic's Snapcat and Instagram accounts are perfect examples of why following makeup artists on social media is a fantastic idea. Looking for beauty inspiration? He's got it. A new tool to try? Also there.

Here are just a few of the lessons and tips I've learned from Dedivanovic from following him on Snapchat and Instagram.

He Loves This Fake Eyelash Applicator Tool

Of this tool, Mario says, "I love this tool right here you can use it to grab strip lashes." Putting on false lashes is a Kardashian staple, and this does seem like it'd make things easier.

Tinksky False Eyelashes Extension Applicator, $5.99, Amazon

He's Obsessed With These Tweezers

Anastasia is known for their ridiculously good brow products, and this is just one of the Anastasia products he showcased. He explains that they're, "really really amazing. They're very strong. They're very pointy."

Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers, $28, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ardell Lashes Are His Favorite

Dedivanovic has said, time and time again, that he loves this brand's fake lashes.

Glamour Black Multipack 105, $11.99, ULTA Beauty

He Loves This Sharpener So Much, He Broke It

Clearly this product has been loved, so much so that Dedivanovic asked Anastasia for a new one via Snapchat.

Anastasia Beveryly Hills Sharpener, $6, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Drugstore Eyeshadows Are Some Of The Best Out There

On Snapchat (and Instagram), Dedivanovic shared that L'Oreal Paris' Infallible eyeshadow is one of his favorite drugstore products. "These are literally some of the best drugstore eyeshadows, and just eyeshadows in general," he said, citing their great pigment.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet, $5.23, Amazon

Precision Q-Tips Should Be In Every Person's Makeup Bag

These q-tips truly are simple perfection. Dedivanovic recommends dipping them in eye makeup remover to clean up areas on the face. Basically, they're miracle workers for that perfect eyeliner flick.

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs Precision Tips, $3.19, Walgreens

As you can see, Dedivanovic's social media is basically a makeup lover's dream. From the tool tips to the look inspiration, he's totally a makeup artist to follow. Oh, and he's got those walking Kardashian billboards.

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Images: @makeupbymario/Snapchat