Who Won The Powerball? The Lottery Just Made Someone Pretty Filthy Rich

On Wednesday night, the winning numbers came in at 8, 27, 34, 4, 19, and a Powerball 10, and they could be absolutely life-changing for a lucky someone, or group of someones. Immediately after the numbers were announced, news came in that a winning ticket was sold. So who won the record Powerball jackpot?

According to CA Lottery's Twitter, a winning ticket was sold in Chino Hills, California. But it might be some time before somebody comes forward. Maybe a lucky Golden State resident won, or it could be simply someone passing through. California lottery officials also reported that tickets matching five out of the six winning numbers were sold at outlets in 12 locations throughout the state. While nobody has come forward to claim the winnings, there is also still a chance that the $1.5 billion jackpot could be part of a pool of tickets that hopeful groups of people are poring over now.

Data from other states was still coming in Wednesday night, but hours after California's winner was announced, Florida and Tennessee also reported that they sold winning tickets, so the $1.5 billion prize will be shared among multiple people. It's not unusual for multiple people to score big, especially given the massive number of tickets that was sold.

Whoever the lucky winners are, they'll likely face challenges should they wish to remain out of the spotlight. Out of the 44 states where the Powerball is played, only six of them guarantee that winners remain anonymous, should they so choose. And with $1.5 billion up for grabs, people will want to know who exactly are the lucky few.

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