Which 'Degrassi' Stars Will Return For 'Next Class'? A Few Classic Characters Could Drop By

If I've learned anything over the years, it's that when one incarnation of Degrassi ends, another is surely on the way. The Canadian teen drama wrapped up its run on Teen Nick and MTV Canada last year and got picked up by Netflix to air as Degrassi: Next Class. But will any former cast members return to Degrassi: Next Class ? I'm not just wondering about a certain famous rapper named Aubrey "Drake" Graham, who played the basketball-star-turned-wheelchair-bound-artist Jimmy Brooks — The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev also paid her dues on Degrassi. However, there's been no word about Drake or Dobrev returning in any capacity.

But hey now, let's not completely rule it out. Last October, Drake told W magazine that he "can't wait to get back to acting" and he keeps posting cool reunion pics with former castmates. Could Jimmy roll back into Degrassi High, just for a few minutes? (Please, Drake?) If the more recent seasons of Degrassi are more your thing, then there's confirmed, exciting news for you. According to Entertainment Weekly, the new generation of the Degrassi will be led by Ana Golja (Zoe), Ricardo Hoyos (Zig), Andre Kim (Winston), Lyle Lettau (Tristan), Eric Osborne (Miles), and Olivia Scriven (Maya), who are returning alongside, you know, the next class of kids.

While those may be the only familiar faces confirmed to appear on Next Class, here are some folks who are likely to show up on Degrassi again, based on their availability and where we last saw their characters.

Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson)

Brogren started out on Degrassi as Archie "Snake" Simpson, a student at the school who has grown up to become principal of Degrassi. Sure, he ended Season 14 leaving Canada to open a school in Haiti, but Brogren himself will be close by if the show needs any cameos — he's a director on the series.

Shane Kippel (Spinner)

Spinner Mason has been around forever. Even in Season 14, Spinner showed up in a cameo as he interviews Eli for a job at The Dot. If I had to put money on it, I'd definitely put it on Kippel's return to Degrassi: Next Class — The Dot is pretty close to the school and Kippel always seems willing to return to his old stomping grounds.

Luke Bilyk (Drew)

Bilyk himself has moved on — he's now a regular cast member of the sitcom The Wonderful Wayneys on the Canadian Family Channel along with Molly Ringwald and Jason Priestley. But it also happens that Degrassi will be airing on that same Family Channel in Canada. Perhaps there could be an appearance by Bilyk in the future for some synergy?

Munro Chambers & Aislinn Paul (Eli & Clare)

Eli Goldsworthy has one of the most passionate fan bases in all of Degrassi fandom, so I wouldn't be surprised if the NYU filmmaker dropped by Degrassi one more time. After all, he has returned many times before to see Clare, who is now taking some time to "find herself" — will we ever find out what she finds? Can we please tie up that loose end?

Landon Liboiron & Charlotte Arnold (Declan & Holly J)

Remember when Degrassi went through a Gossip Girl phase and introduced mega-rich twins Declan and Fiona Coyne? And then they lost all of their money in the recession. Holly J and Declan were the Degrassi It Couple back then and they went off to attend Yale together. It would be nice to know what these two are up to — plus Liboiron just wrapped the final season of Netflix's Hemlock Grove.

Cassie Steele (Manny)

Manny Santos was epic in Degrassi's early years. EPIC. I can't even pick one moment from her Degrassi history to quite do her justice, but it would be great to find out if Miss Manny is finally that famous Hollywood actress she always dreamed of being — or if she ends up as Degrassi High's new drama teacher.

To find out if any of these beloved characters actually do appear on Degrassi: Next Class, we'll just have to marathon the first season when it hits Netflix on Jan. 15.

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