Drake's Latest 'Degrassi' Reunion Is Everything

Although Drake raps about "starting from the bottom," I have to respectfully disagree. That's because the Grammy-nominated artist began his career on the greatest teen drama of all time. Back when he went by the name Aubrey Graham, Drake starred as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation . Throughout middle school, I was utterly obsessed with this Canadian TV show, to the point where I'd spend hours on message boards, reading spoilers and talking with other fans. I also waited in incredibly long lines when the cast traveled across the U.S. doing mall tours. Essentially, the show played a huge part in my adolescence. Despite his successful music career, Drake will always be wheelchair Jimmy to me. And luckily, he hasn't forgotten his Degrassi roots. Recently Drake reunited with Andrea Lewis, who played his love interest Hazel Aden on the show, and honestly, my heart practically exploded from all the nostalgia.

The rapper has the biggest grin in the black-and-white snapshot, which will make any fan equally giddy. Seriously, I can hardly contain my joy that years later, Hazel and Jimmy are still hanging out. They were easily one of the show's best couples. (Sorry, Ashley Kerwin!) While everybody knows what Drake has been up to, Lewis has been making a name for herself as well. She continues to act and sing, according to her website. She also writes and stars in her own web series, Black Actress. Also, you may recognize her as Hilary Duff's BFF in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Cadet Kelly . Such a classic!

Here's the adorable reunion photo:

Lewis also tweeted the color version of the photo with the best caption.

In case that's not enough nostalgia, I've decided to round up other Degrassi reunions that will give fans so many feels. But before diving into that, here's a reminder of what they all looked like way back when:

1. Sean, Marco, Jimmy, & Paige

Earlier this year, Drake reunited with Daniel Clark, Lauren Collins, and Adamo Ruggiero. They've come a long way since their Degrassi days.

2. Emma & Manny

Everybody knows Emma and Manny were the show's ultimate BFFs (despite their countless fights). And guess what? Actors Miriam McDonald and Cassie Steele are just as close in real life.

3. Marco & Paige

Another pair of besties that lived on beyond the screen? Adamo Ruggiero and Lauren Collins. As seen on Instagram, these two frequently hang out.

4. Ellie & Marco

Before coming out, Marco dated Ellie on the show. All these years later, Ruggiero and Stacey Farber are still buddies.

5. Sean & Jimmy

Remember when Sean moved back to town and he would always fight Jimmy? Luckily, these two have no bad blood in real life. Here they are, posing like old friends.

6. Marco, Spinner, & Paige

One of the best trios from the show! Shane Kippel, Collins, and Ruggiero all still support one another. Recently Collins and Ruggiero (aka Paige and Marco) went to a show for Kippel's band, Dear Love.

7. Spinner, Paige, Craig, & Marco

Jake Epstein joins his former co-stars for the Degrassi reunion I've always wanted and needed.

8. Ellie, Paige, Marco, & Spinner

Just like the rest of the photos, this warms my heart.

It looks like the theme song was right — whatever it takes, they'll make it through. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue this nostalgia fest by watching the show's intro below.