Adele's Nicki Minaj Karaoke Impression Is On Fleek

by Kadeen Griffiths

I think we all kind of knew that Adele was going to absolutely crush Carpool Karaoke with James Corden from the moment that we heard that Adele would be on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Everyone else can just go home, because just as Adele has dominated the musical charts, so too would she dominate karaoke in a small car. And the singer did not disappoint, although it's worth noting that she had some help from the Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj. Not only did Adele sing Nicki Minaj on Carpool Karaoke, but she also sang the Spice Girls' "Wannabe," in addition to a medley of her own songs such as "Hello," "All I Ask," and "Rolling In The Deep." Even better? Nicki Minaj loved Adele's cover of "Monster," as she displayed on social media after the episode aired. It's clear that Minaj is as big of a fan of Adele as the rest of the world, even if it's for a completely different reason than your average Adele fan is.

The episode was, quite frankly, adorable, featuring not only Adele singing, but recounting how she was drunk for three days straight over Christmas, discussing whether or not she drops her name to get prime tables at restaurants (she does not), and complaining that the rainy weather would give Americans the wrong impression of England. Of course, that led into a conversation about what a huge fan of the Spice Girls Adele was, which then led to Adele belting "Wannabe" like she was the real Ginger Spice. (Fun fact: Adele was always Ginger when she played Spice Girls, and was heartbroken when she left.) I'd describe more of the 15-minute video, but it's the kind of thing you really need to experience for yourself.

Just when you thought you had derived all the joy and entertainment from this video as you possibly could, Nicki Minaj herself got on social media to praise Adele for her cover of "Monster." First of all, who knew Adele could spit out rhymes like that? Can we get a rap album out of her, please? Second of all, Minaj couldn't help but notice that not only did Adele perfectly cover her song, but she also nailed her Minaj impression straight down to the hand movements. In fact, the rapper was so delighted about this that she launched into an entire fangirl meltdown in her Instagram caption, smileys included.

And, in that moment, Minaj became all of us, because there's no way you can get through all 15 minutes of Adele's car-based performances without falling madly in love with her. I want to see her do more covers, I want to see her briefly join a girl group, I want to see her come on stage alongside Nicki Minaj at a concert, I want it all. ("We could have had it all, rolling in the deep!") Between Minaj's own tweets, and her retweets of fan's comments about the amazingness that was Adele's performance, it's truly beautiful to see the rapper supporting a fellow performer whose singing style is so different from hers. Minaj has always been a staunch feminist, who supports other women in their right to do as they like no matter what the world or the patriarchy thinks of it, but her name in recent months has become entangled with imagined feuds with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift — feuds that were blown out of proportion by the media, and that undercut Minaj's real points about diversity and representation at awards shows.

Seeing this should reinforce to any doubters or haters out there that Minaj is more than just the last "feud" she's rumored to be involved in, and that she builds other women up way more often than the media claims that she tears them down. This should also reinforce the idea that we should start asking for a Minaj and Adele collaboration and quick. Check out the rest of Minaj's tweets and retweets below.

Image: TheLateLateShowWithJamesCorden/YouTube