This State Wants Casual Sex The Most

Good news: I just learned a whole lot more about what was going down in the bedroom in 2015 — including the best states if you're looking for casual sex online. OkCupid's The Hangover survey took a look back at all the of 2015, to asses our sex and dating preferences and how they've changed in recent years. And there's a lot of great stuff, but one of the most interesting parts was a look at which states are the most up for casual sex. Or maybe I should call it "Netflix and chill"— a term that rose 5,357 precent this year. Yup, over 5,000 percent.

Basically, OkCupid looked at the percentage of users in each state that were looking for causal sex and found that... (*drumroll*)... Oregon was the state most interested in a random hookup. Their motto "alis volat propriis" (she flies with her own wings) is now my new favorite term for masturbation. Thank you, Oregon.

I have to say, I'm a little bit disappointed my own New England wasn't better represented, in fact the East Coast as a whole wasn't really making a splash. I mean, only one eastern state made it in to the top 10. In fact, if there's one area that's really footloose and fancy free it's the north west— they by far had the most states looking for casual sex.

An the state least interested in a hookup? That was New Jersey. Wondering if your state made the list? Here's a look at the top 10:

1. Oregon

15.51 percent of users were up for casual sex— which at over 1 in 6, is pretty hefty.

2. Washington

Oregon's northern neighbor came next with 14.06 of users looking for casual sex.

3. Vermont

Vermont was the only New England state that made the top 10 (because of course it was), and also had the lowest percentage of virgins. Like I said, Vermont was actually pretty much it for the whole east coast with 13.87 percent of users interested in something casual.

4. Idaho

And just like that we're back to the north west. Idaho borders both of our top two states, which makes me wonder if there's something in the water that makes 13.56 percent of users up for some no-strings attached sex.

5. Alaska

OK, is it just me or is there no surprise here? If I lived in somewhere as cold as Alaska I'd probably be doing it with like, everybody. And 13.43 percent of users agree with me.

6. Nevada

I'm actually surprised that there wasn't a higher score from Nevada, where 13.42 percent of people were looking for casual sex. I thought Sin City may have upped this, but I guess it's more people who live their full time than thrill-seekers.

7. Montana

13.36 percent of people here are up for a Netflix and Chill situation, and in my imagination all of them are cowboys.

8. Wyoming

I now know one thing and on thing only about Wyoming: 13.11 percent of users on OkCupid were looking for casual sex.

9. Oklahoma

In Oklahoma 12.98 percent of users looking for casual sex and annoyingly singing titular songs from musicals.

10. New Mexico

And finally wrapping up the top ten, in Mexico there 12.93 percent of users who reported being up for random hookups. Stop showing off, west side.

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