6 Ways Singles Can Celebrate Love On V-Day

If you’re feeling a little left out from all the Valentine’s Day festivities, it’s probably because you’re single. All the prix-fixe dinner menus are for two, and everything from movies to bowling are given a “romantic” twist. Ugh, barf.

Being partnerless on Valentine's Day doesn’t have to mean sitting around with a bottle (or two) of wine and stalking your ex’s new girlfriend’s Facebook page. Celebrate the love in your life with these seven reminders that you aren’t forever alone.

1. Galentine’s Day!

Everyone’s favorite city councilwoman Leslie Knope christened the day before Valentine’s Day “Galentine’s Day,” and you should celebrate with your BFFs. Go out for wine, brunch, or karaoke with your single (or attached) besties and get drunk enough to scream “I LOVE MY GIRLS” over and over and again while you belt out “Thank You For Being A Friend” in the cab on the way home. It's like Lilith Fair minus the angst, as Knope says.

2. Hug your pet

Your pet loves you unconditionally. Even if you don’t shower every day or spend too much time on the Internet reading the comments — your dopey cat or dog doesn't judge you despite your inability to function like a normal human being. Spend V-Day snuggled up with your furry friend or get adventurous and put on some actual clothes for a trip to the park — the sight of puppies playing tug-of-war will surely warm your cold, cold heart.

3. Go shopping

If people are letting you down this year, say “screw it” and head to the nearest department store for your one true love — retail. Get a makeover at the Chanel counter, even if your budget is looking a little more like Maybelline. You may not meet your next mate at the mall (unfortunately life is not a cheesy 90s teen movie) but here's a hot tip: Balenciaga bags make great cuddle buddies.

4. Go volunteer

Feeling particularly selfless? Go give your time and love to causes you care about on Valentine’s Day. Phone bank for a political candidate you’d like to see elected, or help an after-school program by reading to kids. Your altruism will warm the heart, even if you’re only socially capable of sending a donation via email to Planned Parenthood.

5. #TreatYoSelf

In The Gospel According to Whitney Houston, the greatest love of all is loving yourself. Consider treating yourself to something fancy. A trip to the spa perhaps? A facial will leave you with a healthy glow, and a massage comes with all sorts of health benefits. If you’re broke, at-home spa treatments and a home-cooked fancy-pants dinner will make you feel almost as pampered.

6. Watch romantic comedies and happy cry.

Nothing is more cathartic than a good cry, especially at the end of a terrible Nicholas Sparks movie. It isn’t the season for Love Actually, but find Sleepless In Seattle or another rom-com on Netflix, and wrap yourself up in the story of other people’s true love. If things start to get depressing or sad, turn on ridiculous British comedies for stupid laughs to take your mind off of love completely. May I suggest...

Image: NBC