Ben McKenzie's Powerball Tweet Will Make Fans Of 'The O.C.' Very Happy

Though the names of the lucky $1.5 billion Powerball winners have yet to be released, the second that it was announced that there was one winner from Chino Hills, California, the Internet went just a little cray. Sure, there was chaos in part because that means the vast majority of people in the U.S. weren't suddenly billionaires, but also because Chino is the home of everyone's fictional O.C. boyfriend Ryan Atwood, who was obviously the big winner here. I mean, even Ben McKenzie joked that Ryan Atwood won the Powerball.

As soon as the official California Lottery Twitter handle tweeted that they had a Powerball winner from Chino, "Ryan Atwood" began trending on Twitter, with O.C. die-hards and other millennials quick to make the connection sharing messages about how they hoped it was the fictional brooding bad boy who won big. The chatter got to be so much, in fact, that Ryan Atwood himself (er, Ben McKenzie) couldn't resist adding his two cents into the fray the next morning, writing: "Apparently I won #Powerball last night. Thanks social media." But in typical Ryan Atwood fashion, McKenzie couldn't just leave the tweet at that, choosing to add the hashtag "#chino4eva" and melting #TeamRyan fangirl hearts all over the country. NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOTS.

Of course, fans took to Twitter in droves with countless GIFs, O.C. references and in-jokes, because the Internet is nothing without its pop culture references:

Though the real Chino Hills winner's name has not yet been released, it seems as if the lucky one could be professional skateboarder Erik Bragg, who Instagrammed a photo of what appears to be a winning ticket, along with the caption: "OMG I WON $1.5 BILLION!!!!! I'm posting this in case anyone tries to jack me this is proof! Look it up, I bought in chino hills where I grew up! #powerball." The picture has since gotten almost 100K likes and Brag has close to 100K followers. Still, there is still a healthy dose of skepticism, and it's important to remember that nothing is official until the names are announced.

In addition to the Chino Hills champ, two other winning tickets were sold: one in Tennessee and one in Florida. Each winning ticket is worth $528.8 million, the Daily News reports. Enough for Ryan Atwood to move out of the Cohens' pool house, that's for sure.