'Big Brother': David bids a chill, sun-swept farewell to the house

It can't ALL be showmances. Once a week, these 15 racists need to evict one of their own from the home they've shared. As with any reality show competition, sometimes it's a matter of pure dislike. Other times it's a strategic move, made with an eye toward future configurations. And sometimes it just flat-out confuses the person being eliminated.

Julie Chen: David, what happened?

David: It's like, you know, I'm pretty smart.

Julie: Would you say you played too good of a social game?

David: Yeah, I attract people right away.

Julie: You're the first houseguest to never spell any word on that spelling challenge. What happened?

David: I just couldn't pop those bubbles fast enough.

In fairness to David -- I mean, he did answer Julie's questions. There weren't exactly any hardballs to avoid, but he hit back everything she threw at him. Somewhat illuminating, if we can use that word, was the revelation that David wasn't looking to win Big Brother, as is tradition for a reality show competition. What he'd been hoping for, the only thing he really wanted, was a showmance. And I got that with Aaryn, "seriously the kind of girl he'd been looking for his whole life." A tearful confessional from our favorite contestant confirmed as much, Aaryn noting how much it would suck without him in the house. David may not have won, but he did find love.

Julie: So you got what you came for?

David: Yeah, sure.

Love, American-style.

Image: Bigbrothernetwork.com