16 Archived 'Full House' Photos Of The Tanner Sisters In All Their Cutesy, Late '80s & Early '90s Glory

If you would rather spend all your time and energy just waiting for the release of the Full House reboot, you're gonna drive yourself crazy. So instead, let's take a walk down memory lane with some promo photos of the Tanner sisters from the original Full House . And we just got them now, but these are the real deal — photos once used to get everybody hyped about the Tanner fam. We're talking Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle Tanner, all in full regalia, decked out like they're going at a Tanner Family portrait session. We even get to see both Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen as double Michelles. It's amazing. I can't believe we put this much makeup on kids.

Taking a look at them is a great way to get your brain off Fuller House, to get centered and remind yourself of the storied history of this classic show... and also to serve as a straight up reminder of just how young and fresh and '80s-y these ladies were when the show was still in its early years. You think you remember, but until you're eight episodes deep in a marathon of early episodes or scrolling through these photos, you have no idea. And I'm here to remind you, because this stuff is too good to miss out on. So here they are, everybody: 16 Full House Tanner sister promo pics, and what I imagine they were thinking at the time they were taken. And don't bother thanking me, because — and you know what's coming next — you got it, dude!

1. When You Have A Job Interview Around Christmastime And You're Real Serious About It

2. When You Decorate Yourself Instead Of The Easter Eggs But It's Chill

3. When You Get Your Glamour Shots Done Because You're Not Gonna Let This Divorce Get You Down

4. When DJ Was Our New Mommy

5. When You Get Promoted To Colonel In Marching Band

6. When You See Someone You Know On The Train And They Start Coming Over But You Just Wanna Read Your Book

7. When The Photographer Says "Act Natural" But You Can't

8. When You Discover Updos And It Changes Everything

9. When Your Derby Hat Shrinks In The Wash But You Still Look Fresh

10. When You Just Found Out You Aren't Coming Back For The Reboot

11. When Your Family's Happy But You Haven't Forgotten That We're All Going To Die Someday

12. When You've Had Three Glasses Of Wine And You Wanna Tell A Celeb At A Party How Much You Love Their Work

13. When You Think About The Patriarchy

14. When You Realize How Long It's Gonna Take You And Your Sisters To Grow Those Bangs Out But You Try To Put On A Brave Face For Them

15. When You're Dressed Like A Baby But You Know Too Much

All pretty accurate to the first season of Full House, right? I can't remember exactly what happened, but I think I have the basic plot points pretty right.