When Will ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Be On Netflix? The Oscar-Nominated Film Is High On Everyone’s Queue

Mad Max: Fury Road continues to surprise the Hollywood establishment, picking up a whopping 10 Oscar nominations this year, second only to The Revenant, and more than last year's leader and eventual Best Picture winner, Birdman. And the action film isn't just nominated for technical awards either, but is in the mix for major trophies like Best Director and even Best Picture. So obviously, everyone who hasn't seen this movie wants to do so as soon as possible, and they want to do it the easiest way they know how: By watching it on Neflix. So when will Mad Max: Fury Road be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, there's no clear answer. Netflix isn't in the habit of announcing when newly released movies will be added to their service, so there's no way of knowing when exactly Best Picture nominee Mad Max: Fury Road will be available to stream. Netflix does sometimes get new releases; they nabbed the animated film Home just eight months after it debuted in theaters, but that sort of quick turnaround is a rarity. HBO is still a better destination to go for new movies, and lo and behold, you can stream Mad Max: Fury Road on HBO Now and HBO GO right now. The film debuted on the premium network on January 9, and it will likely stream there exclusively for several months, meaning that Netflix is probably looking at close to a year, at least, before Fury Road moves over to its library.

Now, if you're not an HBO subscriber, or if you want to know some of the history behind Mad Max, you can stream some other films of the franchise elsewhere. But once again, not on Netflix (seriously, what does Netflix have against Mad Max?). Netflix rival Hulu currently has both Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome available to stream. Both films star Mel Gibson as the title character, and are considered legendary movies in their own right, with The Road Warrior especially garnering heaps of praise as one of the greatest action films ever made.

As for the film that started it all, the original Mad Max? Well, you're out of luck there when it comes to the major streaming services, as it's not on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or HBO Now. You can, however, stream it with a STARZ add-on subscription, which is available to Amazon Prime members for an additional $8.99/month. You can also get STARZ free for the first week, so if you're determined not to spend any money on watching Mad Max, that's your best bet at doing so.

So it's going to be a while until Mad Max: Fury Road is on Netflix, but that's fine because the streaming service's competitors have stepped up their game to make the entire catalog of Mad Max movies available from the comfort of your couch. What a lovely day!

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; giphy.com