These Will Make America Great Again

by Stephanie Casella

It's the second-to-last GOP presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1, and the candidates are roaring to go. As is customary, the debates will occur, some offhanded and silly remarks will come to pass, and the Internet will respond in memes. Typical? Yes. Expected? Yes. Any less amusing than last time around? Of course not. Considering Donald Trump is still the front-runner as far as polls are concerned, and considering that not only do Democrats want him out, but it is said the Republican Party is looking for any way to oust him, it makes sense that the Donald Trump debate memes — mocking his words and mannerisms — are in full force on debate night.

What to expect ahead? Well, naturally, lots of The Donald's bizarre faces, including — my personal favorite — that one he makes where he looks like he's paying close attention, but everyone knows he actually wants to burst out and insult the person who's speaking, as well as some very animated movements and quotations that are liable to become instant classics. Prepare for the next installment in the long tale that is the Republican presidential forum of 2016 — and try not to spit a beverage clear across the room in vigorous laughter.

Well, it's about time somebody other than myself publicly remarked on this last one. But wait, there are more to come:

Here's an instant classic:

And lastly, a gift for everyone: