Gigi Teased Her Tommy Hilfiger Collection

Prepare to get really freaking excited, because Gigi Hadid teased Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid on Snapchat, according to Who What Wear, and once you see what it is, you're going to be so upset you have to wait until fall to get your hands on it.

The model has kept her upcoming collection pretty under wraps since it was announced, but she's teased us twice with it, once back in December with an Instagram of what appeared to be a satin bomber jacket, and now again on Snapchat. The latest tease shows a bunch of red, white, and blue colored patches (with H's for Hilfiger and Hadid), in the shape of compasses and wings, which sounds a little strange, but not when you consider the two teasers together. The first hint was the jacket, and now we have these patches, so I'm thinking her collection might include varsity/bomber jackets you can put patches on, which is so cool. Is anyone else having like, Girl Scout flashbacks right now?

Since the collection isn't due out until fall, we still have plenty of time for Hadid to give us some more sneak peaks, and hopefully they'll get us closer to figuring out more of what we can expect from the finished product.

The jacket/badge combo isn't too far off of a guess, I mean, she rocks the jackets herself in real life:

And she even got her BFF Kendall Jenner in on it.

She's also worn one in black, so clearly she likes the style. And I'm thinking it would look way cooler with some patches on it...

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