Who Will Be The Next Supreme on 'American Horror Story'?

American Horror Story: Coven is currently the craziest show on television. Each week it manages to swerve the story in an entirely new direction, so it's no surprise that last week they pulled off the biggest surprise of all. (Spoilers to follow — get caught up already, will you?) Fiona's betrayal of the Ax Man led to him murdering his beloved and feeding her body to the alligators so that she can never return. While the coven was out of immediate danger — Fiona was planning on having all of the witches killed, after all — the coven was also Supreme-less. Now the young witches are set to perform the Seven Wonders in order to find the new leader of the coven.

What are the Seven Wonders? According to last week's silent movie at the beginning of the episode, they are Concilium (mind control), Transmutation (the ability to transport), Divination (the ability to see future or past), Vitalium Vitalis (the power of resurgence), Descensum (the ability to go into — and come out of — the afterworld) and Pyrokinesis (the ability to start fires with your mind).

Knowing American Horror Story, the show still has a few shocks up its sleeve, and we have a feeling that the Seven Wonders won't go exactly as planned. So who will reign over the coven? We run down a list of potential suspects.

All Images: FX

by Kaitlin Reilly

Madison (Emma Roberts)

It’s not surprising that Fiona thought that Madison was the next Supreme long ago — Madison is basically a younger version of Fiona in tighter clothing. Though her heart condition prevented her from being the new Supreme at the beginning of the series, since coming back from the dead she is completely healthy and stronger than ever. She’ll do anything for power and always seems to be quicker than the other girls to catch on to new magic — she displayed pyrokinesis early on by lighting her neighbors’ curtains on fire. Plus, she came into the coven already harnessing the power of telekinesis — lest we forget the whole bus-flipping accident.

Wonders Performed So Far: Pyrokinesis, Transmutation, Telekinesis

Zoe (Taissa Farmiga)

Zoe Benson would be my pick for the next Supreme — she genuinely seems to care about the other witches in her coven, even when they are absolutely horrible to one another. Zoe may have came into the coven with the worst power ever (having sex with Zoe is essentially a death trap, which is terribly difficult on ones love life) but has grown into a powerful witch. We saw her fight off the zombies on Halloween (both with a chainsaw AND her magical powers) and use spells to see what happened to Nan, “who fell in the tub.” But the most significant power Zoe has displayed was just last week when she revived the homeless man that her boyfriend killed.

Something about Zoe being the Supreme feels right — she’s very different than Fiona and only has ONE murder (Spalding) under her belt. While it’s unclear if her magic will be strong enough to overcome her tough competition, if this was a democratic situation I would definitely get an “I Vote Zoe” tee-shirt.

Wonders Performed So Far: Divination, Vitalium Vitalis

Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe)

Queenie had an interesting power going into the coven — as a human voodoo doll, any pain she inflicts on herself can be transferred to others. Though that’s not one of the Seven Wonders, it is pretty impressive — and it makes her a dangerous person to mess with. Other amazing feats? Coming back from a gunshot wound to the head, piecing Madame LaLaurie back together after her beheading, and heading into hell in order to communicate with Papa Legba. Plus, she rescued Misty Day from the tomb that Madison threw her in and brought her back to life.

Queenie is a strong witch with a good heart, but she’s also a little unpredictable. She booked it to Madame Laveau’s place when LaLaurie pushed her buttons. Something tells me that she doesn’t have what it takes to lead the coven just yet.

Wonders Performed So Far: Descensum, Telekinesis, Vitalium Vitalis

Misty (Lily Rabe)

The Fleetwood Mac-obsessed swamp queen displayed the power of resurgence long before anyone else did and got burned at the stake for it. Luckily, Misty was able to bring herself back from the dead. She helped Zoe piece together Kyle and brought back Myrtle and neighbor Joan from the dead. Plus, as we know from her attack on Madison, she doesn’t need magic to kick your ass.

Though Misty’s power of resurgence is impressive, Misty doesn’t seem to have a whole lot else going on in the magic department. Since Fiona and Cordelia already said she was the new Supreme, is seems even more unlikely that she actually will be.

Wonders Performed So Far: Vitalium Vitalis, Divination

Nan (Jamie Brewer)

Nan might be out of the running since she did die several episodes ago, but it is American Horror Story and therefore we aren’t totally ruling Nan out. I thought that Nan would be the new Supreme from the first episode. Her clairvoyance was so strong she had a hard time turning it off. Later she displayed mind control over her neighbor Joan by forcing her to drink bleach. Nan is definitely an underdog (considering that she’s underground…) but if she did make it back to the coven, she might take everyone by surprise and fully master the Seven Wonders.

Wonders Performed So Far: Divination, Concilium, Pyrokinesis

Cordelia (Sarah Paulson)

Fiona’s kind, timid daughter has experience leading the girls of the school and teaching them about their witchy ways, but seemed a little weak in the magic department — until she was blinded and gained the power of Divination. Cordelia was able to see that her mother planned on murdering all of the witches in the coven to maintain her Supreme status, and saw that her husband, Hank, was up to no good.

Cordelia would be a good Supreme because she has a passion for keeping the coven safe and thriving. We aren’t sure if Fiona Goode’s powers will be passed down to Cordelia, but Cordelia does have a good gene pool behind her. Though it’s unclear as to whether Cordelia will actually take the test of the Seven Wonders — new Supremes typically display powers when they are years younger than Cordelia — she has a decent chance of being a surprising Supreme.

Wonders Performed So Far: Divination

Myrtle (Frances Conroy)

Myrtle had her shot at becoming the Supreme when she went to school with Fiona. Unfortunately, Myrtle’s powers didn’t make the cut back then. What makes her a possible Supreme choice now? Not all that much, but she did get resurrected recently — and if we learned anything from Madison, that could mean Myrtle’s powers would have gotten stronger.

While it’s highly unlikely that Myrtle will become the new ruler of the coven, we think she would love having the title. And since it is American Horror Story, we can’t rule anything out until the very end.

Wonders Performed So Far: Telekinesis

Or... There Could Be No Supreme

Another Supreme like Fiona would be terrible for the coven. If Madison or a weak Supreme is selected at the Seven Wonders, it might be smart to strip that person of their title for the good of all of the witches. On a more positive note, it always seems that the witches do best when they are working together — like when they took down the Ax Man in last week’s episode. Maybe the coven should work more like a democracy so each witch can use her powers for the greater good, rather than bowing down to a Supreme.