Who Will Be The Next Supreme on 'American Horror Story'?

By Kaitlin Reilly
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American Horror Story: Coven is currently the craziest show on television. Each week it manages to swerve the story in an entirely new direction, so it's no surprise that last week they pulled off the biggest surprise of all. (Spoilers to follow — get caught up already, will you?) Fiona's betrayal of the Ax Man led to him murdering his beloved and feeding her body to the alligators so that she can never return. While the coven was out of immediate danger — Fiona was planning on having all of the witches killed, after all — the coven was also Supreme-less. Now the young witches are set to perform the Seven Wonders in order to find the new leader of the coven.

What are the Seven Wonders? According to last week's silent movie at the beginning of the episode, they are Concilium (mind control), Transmutation (the ability to transport), Divination (the ability to see future or past), Vitalium Vitalis (the power of resurgence), Descensum (the ability to go into — and come out of — the afterworld) and Pyrokinesis (the ability to start fires with your mind).

Knowing American Horror Story, the show still has a few shocks up its sleeve, and we have a feeling that the Seven Wonders won't go exactly as planned. So who will reign over the coven? We run down a list of potential suspects.

All Images: FX

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