Hilarious GOP Debate Memes To Remember Yet Another Republican-Run Rodeo

The sixth GOP debate may have had fewer candidates than previous debates this election cycle but it was still a wealth of information. Seven candidates took the stage at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center to discuss their views on pressing U.S. issues, including foreign policy and the economy. The primetime event was also rather entertaining, acting as not only a proving ground for presidential hopefuls but a chance for candidates to further show off their oversized personalities. The most hilarious GOP debate memes highlight the more bombastic elements of the debate itself.

Unsurprisingly, GOP front-runner Donald Trump had a lot to say about his fellow candidates. Trump's criticisms of Ted Cruz were front and center as the candidates turned from what appeared to be good friends during the previous debate to political adversaries. The real estate mogul had called Cruz's eligibility to be president into question due to the fact that Cruz was technically born in Canada, though his mother is a natural-born U.S. citizen, making him a citizen as well. Scholars appear rather divided about the issue, which has become a major topic of discussion across party lines. Cruz tackled the issue head-on, however.


Jeb Bush

Fox Business Network

Ben Carson

Rand Paul

Ted Cruz

Particularly strong one-liners came from Cruz attacking Trump's "New York values" and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's dig at the president's "story time" regarding his last State of the Union speech.

Fox Business Network was similarly not immune, providing plenty of meme-worthy moments as well. Between the triumphant return of the time limit bell, the many "free for all" moments where it felt like moderators Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo had stepped out rather than stepping in, and the comical over-branding onstage, the Internet had plenty of fodder to craft some seriously comical responses to the debate as a whole.