When Can You Buy Ashley Tisdale's Makeup Line?

I don't always like looking too, too far ahead in life, preferring some degree of spontaneity because duh. But certain things get me super stoked about the future and leave me counting off the days. Like Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate makeup collection, which is inspired by the New Jersey-born actress' adopted home state of California. Tisdale announced the Illuminate range with BH Cosmetics back in November and has been using her Instagram ever since to tease details about the collection, from the golden, striped packaging to what's inside. So, when will Illuminate be available? Patience, makeupistas. It's coming very soon.

Tisdale just posted a promo shot on her IG, which clearly and loudly indicates that Illuminate will be shoppable in Spring 2016. The images also showcase the gorgeous and golden-y neutrals that will comprise the line.

So, all we know is Spring 2016. That's just about two months away, since spring is officially sprung on March 21. But Spring 2016 can mean anything since the season is three months long.

It can mean April. It can mean May. It can mean June. Packaging and development issues can lead to delays, so it's probably wise of the actress, who has steadily built her lifestyle brand, to keep the dates vague all the while giving us something to get excited about.

Well-played, Tisdale. Well played! I suggest signing up for email updates so you can get the intel on exactly when you can start shopping.

Don't you just love her shimmery eye shadow? I'm like in love with that peachy wash of color and would totally wear that as a base for a liquid cat eye or as a highlight for a heavy smoky look. I'm already inspired and that's just from a picture. It's clear that Tisdale is onto something good.

Tisdale also shared a shot of the striped packing. It's so classic and chic. I can't wait to see more of what's inside. The initial news revealed that the collection would boast a pair of day-to-night eye shadows, blush palettes, six lip glosses, and six tints for both lips and cheeks. What does that translate to? Oh, just everything a girl needs.

Sorry but I couldn't resist sharing this pic of Tisdale with ombre, beachy waves. Her "next day" hair is like a work of art.

She is strategically building herself as a solid beauty source and reference, with her personal pics, her Haute Mess blog, and her Illuminate range. Tisdale is doing all the right things to make a makeup splash.

Images: Ashley Tisdale/Instagram (3)