15 Clever Ways To Hide Pad Lines

When that bloody time of the month strikes, there's nothing you can do but embrace your glorious womanhood. But if you're not exactly thrilled to announce to the rest of the world that you are on your period, I scouted out exactly how to hide pad lines. For the record though, there is absolutely 100 percent nothing shameful about being on your period and I think it's seriously nifty our bodies communicate the fact they're reproductively healthy every single month.

I started my period at summer camp when I was 13 years old, and let's just say it was completely less than awesome. All I wanted to do was call my my mom and have her give me advice, but instead I was left with camp counselors who mumbled something about how to use tampons and pads.

After miserably failing to maneuver the tampons, I surrendered myself to using the super bulky pads. I'm happy to report that I've since become a master of tampons, but still infinitely prefer using pads when I'm on my period because they're so much more comfortable. That said, pads require a little wardrobe tweaking if you don't want any obvious lines peaking through.

Thanks to some major trial and error over the years, I've learned tons of hacks for how to hide pad lines. I hope they help you out!

1. Boy Short Boxer Briefs

Hanes Women's Cotton Sporty Boyshort Panties (6 PK), $9, Walmart

Boy shorts cover up your entire pad so nothing can peak through.

2. Dark Wash Jeans

Darcy Dark Blue Skinny Jeans, $43, Asos

The darker the denim, the harder it will for anyone to notice panty and pad lines.

3. Thin Pads

Always Ultra-Thin Pads (3 PK), $17, Amazon

Going for a thinner pad cuts back on all the bulkiness and is easier to conceal.

4. Pads Without Wings

Always Maxi Pads Without Wings, $10, Amazon

Similarly, opting for wingless pads is a good idea so you don't have to deal with those little flaps.

5. Period Panties

Hip Hugger, $34, Thinx

Or just skip pads all together and invest in a pair of period panties!

6. Sweatpants

Womens Sweatpants, $20, Uniqlo

I mean, sweatpants are the epitome of baggy coziness.

7. Skirts

Mesh Tiered Skirt Plus Size, $42, Asos Curve

Need another excuse to wear your favorite skirt? They cover up pads seamlessly...obviously.

8. Dresses

Waisted Shirt Dress, $55, Asos

If skirts aren't your thing, a dress is the perfect alternative.

9. Tights Underneath Jeans

Sweater Fleece Full Tights, $23, Express

Not only do tights under jeans keep you warm, but they'll also smooth out any pad lines.

10. Thick Leggings

Nordic Print Tights, $55, ADIDAS

Thick leggings will compress the pad to the point that lines don't stand a chance.

11. Boyfriend Jeans

Slim Boyfriend Jeans, $40, Urban Outfitters

Go the baggy route!

12. Spandex

Spandex Shorts, $24, Amazon

I wear spandex shorts under my dresses for the ultimate hidden pad illusion.

13. Printed Pants

Curve Trousers, $40, ASOS

Lines won't even show when you're rocking a dramatic print.

14. Tied Flannel Shirt

Check Flannel Shirt, $13, Zara

A flannel shirt tied around your pants will easily hide any pad lines (or possible stains!).

15. Very Distracting Accessory

Black Cherry Earrings, $17, Etsy

I mean, is anyone going to care about your pad lines if you're rocking giant fruit earrings? I think not!

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Images: Unsplash; Courtesy of Brands