The One Thing From The 'Fuller House' Teaser That You Might Have Missed — VIDEO

Every day we inch closer to the hotly anticipated Full House spin-off Fuller House to hit Netflix, with sporadic sneak peeks stopping our nostalgic hearts every step of the way. Well, I hope you can handle this: there's a new teaser for Fuller House that gives you, unlike the original teaser, a full, moving visual of the whole gang. And when I say "whole gang," I mean it. I mean, I guess you've notice that Fuller House couldn't get the Olsen twins, but what you probably didn't notice from the first watch-over is that Joey's bringing back Mr. Woodchuck.

Let's backtrack for those of you that didn't catch in for the first time. If you keep your eyes on Joey, he's taking the scary little puppet out of a box labeled "Mr. Woodchuck." He then brings Mr. Woodchuck over to Jesse to throw some helpful slaps in his direction, to which Jesse responds with an incredulous look. I'm glad that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

For those of you who have long forgotten, Mr. Woodchuck is (or was) Joey's sidekick on his hit children's TV show, Ranger Joe. It's understandable, at least from Joey's perspective, that he'd want to hold onto it. But what does the addition of Mr. Woodchuck bring to the new series, and, moreover, what does it mean for Joey's role on Fuller House?

Well, my first thought was that Ranger Joe was deep into it's 24th season so Joey had to have it on hand. But it's in a box, and Mr. Woodchuck is clearly moving into the Fuller House, so what's up with that? Maybe Mr. Woodchuck is in the top tier puppet rankings of Elmo and Lambchop in the Fuller House universe. Maybe he's bringing Mr. Woodchuck into the Fuller House in an attempt to delight all those iPhone-obsessed children. Or perhaps he's training one of his nephews (read: small children who are not biologically related to him but will inevitably refer to him as "Uncle Joey") in the ways of comedy.

I'm particularly suspicious, though, because, if Mr. Woodchuck is moving in, with his own box and everything... well, does this mean that Joey is moving into the Fuller House? As in, his appearance is less of a first episode thing, and more of a series regular thing? Could it be that D.J.'s independence comes with a healthy dose of Uncle Joey?

We have another month or so before we get these answers, I guess. Until then, feel free to rewatch the trailer below to see Mr. Woodchuck's big return!

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