Can You Deal With Meggings?

While we were sleeping soundly, the horror of all trend horrors was quietly creeping up on us: Leggings for men, or meggings.

Both the Fall and Spring 2014 Menswear collections included meggings, and the pants-like garment has made appearances on concert stages since the ‘80s, but never it's never quite taken off. Meggings Man Clothing founders Adam Freck and Andrew Vol intend on making that happen, though.

The Chicago-based company has made meggings available to the masses — and should be held responsible should this trend take off. Freck and Vol talked with USA Today about meggings' special design and how they imagined men wearing them:

... leggings are modified to better suit the "male physique," featuring a faux zipper and a triangular insert along the hip and outer thighs to allow more room in the "front area of the man." Meggings Man customers have bought the product to wear to clubs, to work out and even to dress up with a blazer.

A blazer! Now for the price of $29.95, every man can scare small children at the park and embarrass his girlfriend at dinner.

I’m not totally sold on the idea of women wearing leggings due to the continued abuse of the privilege, but leggings for men presents a logistical and visual nightmare scenario. Do you wear undies? Is coverage of the butt required? How do you deal with bulge exposure? How do we all deal with bulge exposure? The creators of Manxx should seize this opportunity for cross branding.

Let’s leave the meggings, along with men wearing women’s clothes and high heels in the back of the fashion closet.

Images: Meggings Man