'Degrassi: Next Class' Stars Guess Teen Slang From Past Generations & They're No Scrubs — VIDEO

It's back, and possibly better than ever. The TV legend that is Degrassi has found a new home on Netflix, as Degrassi: Next Class premiered on the streaming service on Jan. 15. The show has always stood out for covering a variety of teen issues like sexuality, bullying, and the realities of growing up, and while Next Class features a new generation of characters, the premise will be no different than its predecessors. One thing that has changed, however, is the time period. When the Degrassi franchise started in the '80s, things were different — especially the lingo. Bustle had the chance to sit down with Degrassi: Next Class stars Ana Golja, Sara Waisglas, and Ricardo Hoyos (who play Zoë Rivas, Frankie Hollingsworth, and Zig Novak, respectively) and quiz them on how well they know common terms and phrases used throughout the long lifespan of Degrassi's existence.

Some of the phrases are utterly "bitchin'," while others are going to make you feel old. Pulling some of the most popular phrases from the '80s, '90s, '00s, and even today's vernacular, Golija (19) teamed up with Waisglas (17) to guess the words, while Hoyos (20) gave it his best shot, solo, in defining the generational lingo. It wasn't as easy as you'd think... unless you also believe "scrub" is another word for "nerd."

Wondering how the Degrassi stars did in guessing what "grody to the max" means? Check out the video below.

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Image: Bustle