Gear Up For Hiddles In The 'Night Manager' Trailer

Gird your loins, Hiddlestoners, for a brand new The Night Manager trailer has made its way onto the Internet. And do you know who happens to be in The Night Manager ? The one and Loki, er, only Tom Hiddleston. The Only Lovers Left Alive actor will star opposite Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander, and Elizabeth Debicki in the six-part limited series based on John le Carré’s novel of the same name. The trailer for the Susanne Bier-directed miniseries is full of explosions, intense eye contact, boats, helicopters, great sunglasses, and secrets. Oh, and guess what else The Night Manager trailer has going for it? Plenty of excellent Hiddles scenes, that's what.

Because it seemed like something that needed to be done, I went ahead and logged every important, not-to-be-missed, overwhelmingly good Tom Hiddleston moment from The Night Manager preview. I will share my account below.

0:06 — You see Hiddleston for the first time. Well, you see the back of his head. But the back of his head is enough to make your palms begin to sweat.

0:09 — You see the side of Hiddleston’s face. The sweat on your palms begins to sweat.

0:12 — You see Hiddleston’s face. Your hands literally turn into two ponds of perspiration. You have sweat puddles for hands now. You and the sweat pools where your hands used to be can forget about going to the rock gym tonight.

0:30 — You see Hiddleston give someone a serious look. He appears to be concerned about something. Whatever it is, you are concerned about it, too.

0:36 — You see Hiddleston remove his sunglasses like this:

You are very much on board.

0:38 — Hiddleston lets someone know he’s the night manager. You nod your head in agreement.

0:40 — You see Hiddleston wear a really nice V neck shirt. You are not upset about it.

0:41 — You notice that Hiddleston has (night) managed to do the one thing very few have (night) managed to do: he even smolders in his ID photo. Does his smolder know no bounds?!

0:51 — You see Hiddleston wear a really nice henley. You are not upset about it.

1:03 — You see Hiddleston wear a really nice invisible shirt to the pool. You've never been so not upset about something in your life.

1:09 — You hear Hiddleston lets someone know that without him, they’ve “got nothing.” You nod your head in agreement.

1:16 — You see Hiddleston walk through a lobby. You close your eyes and imagine what you would do if you were in that lobby at that moment. You conclude that you would just crumple into a shaking heap the instant your eyes met Hiddles' eyes.

1:21 — You see Hiddleston cry. Your eyes well up with tears. You go to wipe your eye with your hand, but as you may recall, your hand is a pool of sweat. You cannot wipe away tears with sweat.

1:24 — This happens:

You aren't sure you can process the smokeshow that's on your screen.

1:26 — Smokeshow, you think as you rock back and forth. Smokeshow. Your puddle hands suddenly morph into flames. Smokeshow. You try to remain calm as you stick each of your flame hands into a glass of water. Smokeshow. You lie down on the couch. Smokeshow. What a day you've had. Smokeshow.

The Night Manager will premiere on AMC and BBC in April of 2016

Images: Torrilla/YouTube (2); AMC (2); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (2)