Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Recreating "Out Of The Woods" Is Proof They're #BFFGoals

What's the only thing better than having a mega successful world tour, some of the most viewed videos on the planet, and having a smoking hot DJ boyfriend? Well, if you're Taylor Swift, it's spending a Friday night clowning around with your best gal pal, of course. This past week Taylor Swift posted the absolutely most adorable photo of herself and her BFF Selena Gomez on Instagram. And in my opinion, this post totally cements the fact that Swift and Gomez are the ultimate BFFs.

I will be honest and admit my bias here: I am completely obsessed with the Swift and Gomez friendship. I love seeing successful women be friends with and support other successful women, and these two are both so amazingly talented and are totally killing it. Swift is just wrapping her uber-successful 1989 World Tour and Gomez's latest album Revival being total ear candy. (Have you heard, "Keep My Hands to Myself"? That song is my jam and I don't care who knows it.)

My absolute favorite thing about the Gomez-Swift friendship is that even though they are both super successful, their friendship seems so non-famous. Yes, their IG posts feature designer clothing and amazing world travels but the fundamentals of what makes their friendship so admirable is so normal seeming. I mean, look at this Instagram post — every girl loves acting silly with their best friend on a Friday night and I love seeing them doing the same.

When you think about it, there is just so many "normal" BFF things proving that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are the ultimate best friends:

BFFs Dance Silly At Girls Nights


Gomez and Swift are all about embracing their inner groove thing.

They Don't Always Like Each Other's Boyfriends


We feel ya, Swift. Not liking a BFF's boyfriend is the absolute worst, but it's a bridge we all have to cross.

BFFs Work Well Together

Pop stars that perform and work together stay BFFs with each other. Right? Is that how that phrase goes?

They Take Amazing Hallway Selfies


I have so many walking down hallway selfies with my bestie that I should be embarrassed. I'm not, but I probably should be.

The BFF Pose


Assume the position, the BFF photo position.

They're Family


Sometimes friends transcend being just friends and become family.

Singalongs On Fleek


Every BFF pair has that song that, when it comes on the radio, you both let loose.

Sometimes You Threaten Them With Bodily Harm


Sometimes you threaten to murder, kidnap, or punch your BFF, but it's usually for their own good.

True BFFs celebrate each other's successes


A win for your bestie is a win for you.

They Got Each Other's Back


No one loves will ever love you quite like your best friend.

So, please, keep up the adorable #BFFGoals Gomez and Swift, you two rock.

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