Which ‘Friends’ Duo Are You & Your BFF? We Can't All Be Monicas & Rachels...

Not that you ever need an excuse to get reflective about the show, but news of a two hour Friends cast reunion — featuring all of the cast members with the exception of Matthew Perry — will definitely blast you back to Central Perk. And when our minds reflect on Friends, we don't only turn to the incredulous '90s fashion or the on-again/off-again whirlwind relationship of Ross and Rachel. We reflect on the friendship, one of the most paramount elements in the show (I mean, it's like, in the title). Moreover, many of us reflect on which Friends friendships we have in our own lives.

You can admit it: You definitely consider yourself to be a hardcore Rachel. And what would a Rachel be without her Monica? Or, perhaps you're a chronic sandwich eater like Joey and you live with a sarcasm-heavy Chandler. The truth is, we tend to identify with these characters. And as we all see the Friends friends as, well, total #friendshipgoals, chances are you try to channel their energy into your own relationship with you BFF.

Or you just happen to own a duck and a chick together, I don't know your life.

In any case, here is a quick rundown of how to tell what kind of Friends friendship you have with your bestie.

Monica & Rachel


You two have been through everything together. Well, kind of everything. You've been tight since diapers and beyond, and yes, there was that awkward period of separation in college where you iced each other out, but you try not to think about it. Truth be told, it feels as though power dynamics have shifted back and forth between the two of you over the years. Yes, she had way more boyfriends in high school, but she can also barely fry an egg. Chances are, she would die without your maternal presence and that's... comforting.

Bottom line, though? You'll be there for each other when the rain starts to pour (et al).

Chandler & Ross


College life is what initially brought you two together, having ragtag adventures and thinking you were both the coolest 19-year-olds in town. Turns out that you're just insecure and hilariously cynical, they're just brilliant but tragically nerdy, and you both really didn't look good with those Taylor-Swift-circa-'08 ringlets. Regardless, there's a closeness between you two that practically makes you family, and not just because you have a dramatic sexual relationship with her sibling. Come to think of it, that doesn't really help the situation but, um... you work around it.

Chandler & Joey


Neither of you would admit it publicly, but you're basically life mates. Serendipitous forces have led you two to co-habilitating, and while that comes with its own share of drama, usually it's nonstop fun. You two may or may not own a cat that your landlady doesn't know about (ugh, why do all the no-pets-allowed buildings have such cheap rent), and maintaining that secret sometimes leads to high stress quarreling. It's a great relationship otherwise, as you really bring out each other's inner child. It doesn't even matter that they never gets your wit and refuses to share their mozzarella sticks. It's painful to imagine life without them.

Chandler & Phoebe


Uhhh, you're not really close or anything, and to paraphrase Community 's Abed Nadir, you never really have any stories together.

You should definitely help out your Chandler if they need you, though. What else are friends for?

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