11 Questions About Liam Payne's First Solo Song Snippet - LISTEN

I don't know about you, but I wasn't really surprised to hear that One Direction are taking a long hiatus. After all, they've been touring the world, doing interviews, and basically working hardcore for the past three years. They're filthy rich, can get as many girls as they want, and are probably just downright exhausted. Who wouldn't want to take a break? There's also the fact that they'd already lost Zayn Malik from the group, and were finally in a place where they could contemplate pursuing solo ventures. After all, when they auditioned for the UK's X-Factor back in 2010, they were all solo artists who were thrown together into a group the just so happened to take over the planet. It's only natural that they'd still want to do their own thing... which I suppose is why Liam Payne released a snippet of his first solo track since One Direction's hiatus began.

I'll be honest: the clip, which is Instagram's requisite 15 seconds long, sounds absolutely nothing like Payne. It's as far from One Direction's musical style as you can get, and while Payne captioned the post by saying that he wrote it "for fun," I'm a little bit confused at the complete 180 he seems to have done in such a short amount of time. That's not to say that pop music has to be his thing forever or that he can't explore other musical avenues, but, like, really?

Here are 11 questions I have after hearing Payne's song snippet:


I don't even know how to explain that one. I'm just confused all-around and don't really understand what's going on. Why is this a thing?

Is That Seriously His Voice?

I mean, sure, there's a ton of production layered on top of it, but in what universe is that Liam Payne's voice? It literally sounds nothing like him, and if you played that to me blind, never in a million years would I think it was him.

Is This A Joke?

Because it sounds so obviously different than anything we've ever heard from him, I kind of wonder if this is maybe not serious. I mean, he did say he wrote it "for fun," so maybe he was just messing around in the studio or something and he's just joking?

Is He Going To Come Out With A Solo Album?

I mean, why wouldn't he? If it's a complete disaster, he's no less well-off considering he's rich from One Direction, and he'll need something to pass the time because he's likely to get bored during the hiatus, so... why not? Then again, if it's all like this...

Is One Direction Over For Good, Then?

Whenever a band like this goes on "hiatus," I'm pretty convinced that's just code for a permanent breakup. And to be fair, maybe that's the smart thing to do. Sure, One Direction are at the top of the charts now, but it's better to go out on a high note...

Has He Always Liked Hip Hop?

Payne wouldn't be the first artist to change directions (so to speak) after leaving a group. After all, maybe 1D's music wasn't really his thing, and he's secretly a wannabe hip hop star. Is that the case? Inquiring minds want to know...

Did He Write This On His Own?

He says he wrote it, but that doesn't mean it was a solo effort. Apparently he's been in the studio with Juicy J and TM88 (of 808 Mafia), so maybe this was a collaboration thing?

So, Can We Assume His Pop Career Is Over?

If Payne is in the studio with rap legends and releasing material like this, does that mean songs like "Steal My Girl" are out of his depth? If so, he's going to have a lot of disappointed fangirls on his hands...

Is He Going To Release More?

To be honest, 15 seconds isn't really enjoy to base an opinion on (though believe me, I already have), so I'd be curious to hear this song in its entirety. Seems cruel to release a teaser like this and then nothing else, doesn't it?

Is He Trying To Be Like Justin Bieber?

Because, like, there's only one Bieber (thank God). And yet that's one of the first things I thought when I saw this clip.

Why, Liam, Why?

That's the real question here, isn't it? Why is this happening? WHY?

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